System freeze during game play. Getting a CVHSCV error. Solved

  1.    20 Aug 2016 #1

    System freeze during game play. Getting a CVHSCV error.

    Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it?

    I get a system freeze. Only happens when playing video games via Origin.

    The Admin events reports a CVHSVC error with the following message:
    Information only. Error: Cannot stream: required file FFB.XML missing, repair required Type: 27::InstalledProductStateCorrupt. Stopping task (Stream product id=0x0066) because of fatal error.

    I also get this error message:
    The NetTcpActivator service depends on the NetTcpPortSharing service which failed to start because of the following error:
    The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

    Anyone familiar with this? Is there a fix or work around?

    I just recently did a full reinstall of Windows 10 and a clean install of my graphic drivers.

    Thank you for any and all advice!
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       21 Aug 2016 #2

    Is it all games or just one in particular? Is anyone else that is using Origin having issues with Windows 10? FFB is Force Feed Back. Check the Origin forums or use Windows 7 for the games if you had no issues with them when using it.
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  3.    21 Aug 2016 #3

    Thank you for the reply!
    I only have two games on Origin. Star Wars Battlefront and Dragon Age Inquisition. It happens on both. However, sometimes I can play for hours and it won't happen. Other times it will happen over and over again like after only 5 mins of game play. I'll check the forums. I'm pretty sure it's something wacky in my computer.
    Windows 7 is no longer an option for me. Unfortunately, my issues didn't start until just after the one month revert time. Clean install of my Windows 7 system disk is not an option. I use my computer for work. The amount of programs that would need to be reinstalled is monumental.
    The error message is indicating a repair required. I wish I knew what needed repair...
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       21 Aug 2016 #4

    You can reinstall 7, just not dial back to it. I would use a Hot swap bay and use another drive for Windows 7 and one for 10, if the problem only happens on ten, you would use just the 7 drive and keep 10 for all other stuff. There is problems that everyone has found more of with Anniversary, that just like Threshhold, it is going to take time for Microsoft to once again fix what they messed up.
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       21 Aug 2016 #5

    Being that it is a "Client Virtualization Handler", you are not alone. Looks like everyone is having issues with games and 10. Client Virtualization Handler when playing star wars battlefront - Google Search
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  6.    21 Aug 2016 #6

    Thanks! I might just do that... Make a dual boot. I appreciate the "Hot swap bay" suggestion. I will look into it.
    Also, thanks for the link. It looks like this has been happening all the way back to 2012.

    I read through a few of these articles. It looks like the "intel Management Engine Components" may be the cause.
    It would make sense in my case since the intel Management Engine Components installed twice in my system. Scared to death to uninstall the lower version or both because I had my whole system go down after trying that just after my Windows 10 install; thus the latest Windows 10 reinstall. I think the dual install may have made many files corrupted. Sigh..

    I'll keep looking. Thanks again! I know your time is valuable!
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  7. bro67's Avatar
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       22 Aug 2016 #7

    I would not do a Dual Boot, because 10 has been corrupting some. Stick with the Hot Swap, since drives are cheap these days, along with the bays. Plus it allows you to keep the back up drive in a fire safe if you have extra space.

    There are some Intel driver issues, which it is some of the older stuff and some of the stuff that did not get signed by Microsoft when they were supposed to.
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  8.    23 Aug 2016 #8

    Thanks again for the help! I'm marking this as solved.

    My error was due to a corrupted dual install of the Intel Management Engine Components.

    More likely, your error is due to a miss-configured Bios/overclock, bad video card driver install, failing video card, or heat issue such as failing fans or liquid cool system.

    If you have recently messed with your Intel Management Engine Components or double installed them, read on!

    After I carefully followed the directions on how to remove, reinstall, and then repair the double install of the Intel Management Engine Components via direction from Intel, my problem is solved. No more freezes while playing games!

    I would like to add that I had to go and reinstall my overclock settings in Bios after the fix. Even though the settings appear to be unchanged, they are changed and need to be reset and saved again.

    CAUSE OF SYSTEM FREEZE: The system freeze is coming from overheating. Now I know what some may be thinking at this point! Couldn't have I just reset the Bios overclock to fix the issue? In my case, No, the reason being is that contrary to the popular belief that the I
    ntel Management Engine Components are only related to battery life saving settings for laptops. "Insert the emperors voice here" I assure you my friends, they are mistaken about a great many things! The Intel Management Engine Components are built into some motherboards to run other things, such as Fast boot, and utilities like AXTU Extreme Tuning Utility. This corruption of AXTU not connecting to my Motherboard via the remote supplied by the Intel Management Engine Components was the direct result of my troubles. This utility is an overclock program that allows you to tweak your overclock from your desktop, skipping the step where you have to enter Bios. I honestly think you should still do overclock from Bios and I only have used the tool in the past to change fan speeds.

    Long story short, my overheating issues are gone. I no longer have a corrupted AXTU sending bad config info to my BIOS. The corrupted AXTU and Intel Management Engine Components effectively had my system running incorrect voltage settings and had my system running at a CPU of 4.8 ghz. That is way too high for my system! My max is 4.0 and was set at 3.7 ghz. I'm sure you can see why I was having the overheat!

    I would share more details, however, this fix only pertains to my board and O.E.M. If you do happen to have my board and bought it from Cyberpower. Then I suggest you look up the I
    ntel Management Engine Components download from the Intel or Asrock website.
    My board is a X79 Extreme 4.

    If you have not double installed the I
    ntel Management Engine Components or messed it up by trying to update it as I did, DON'T MESS WITH IT! Changing this will cause you tons of SERIOUS problems and a system crash!
    However, if the damage is already done, you have the same O.E.M and board as me... Then and only then, go to the Asrock or Intel downloads and download the Intel Management Engine Components version ME(v11.0.0.1158_Consumer) You will need this version to uninstall the old version and repair the reinstall. Any other version will NOT help you! If you do not use this version, you will find yourself with an uninstall error of the original install. This new version will allow you to launch the new installer and choose repair. It will throw another error, but that is O.K. Now go back to the original uninstaller box and click next. It will clean uninstall now. Next, run the new installer and uninstall again. Then run the new installer again and reinstall. Finally run the new installer a third time and choose repair. Now you are done. You should have one version correctly installed. Restart the computer and head into your BIOS and reset your system settings and overclock. Save and restart, you should be good to go! FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY AND READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS!
    DO NOT restart your computer until the reinstall of the newer version and the repair from the installer is complete! If you do not heed this warning, you will likely find your system unbootable or booting with a corrupted and slowly degrading system. If you do not follow ALL the directions in the "read me" included with the installer, this will end poorly for you as it did for me; with a windows reinstall. Good luck!

    Last edited by CaseyFallen; 24 Aug 2016 at 14:51.
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       24 Aug 2016 #9

    You may want to clean that up and post it for the other players can benefit from it on Steam and Origin if the info is not as clear as what you found.

    I got my Hotswap on either Amazon or Newegg and got the two 1TB Constellation drives I use for it on Newegg. Could not pass up a $54 deal on them.
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