In terms of compatibility which is huge to me and my main interest, it got better with some older games that had issues in older builds but still needs work. Some games now work properly which is progress but please continue to work on compatibility and better framerate for older games. Here are some issues I still notice that were there in older builds as well:

The Longest Journey - When I try to quit the game, the textbox that is supposed to appear is all white for some reason so I can't click yes or no. Works perfectly fine on windows 7.

gran theft auto 3 - The text in the menus are transparent or invisible for some reason so I can't select anything.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Can't see intro and when I start a game I just hear sound and a black screen is shown. If I alt tab and return then it finally loads the game but I can't even walk with the framerate being all over the place. My character would just walk slowly and eventually it freezes.

grand theft auto: vice city - The game runs at 30 fps yet on windows 7 using the same machine I can run it with 60 fps.

Deus EX:Game of the year Edition ( The one released in 2000 ) - Inconsistent framerate, does not stay at 60 fps like on windows 7. It dips to 30 fps during certain parts.

Quake 1 - If I have fraps on then the game has this weird blinking/flicker issue.

Dino Crisis - Game runs on a forced window and I cant force full screen either with alt+enter. Some games had a similar issue like mafia and max payne but got fixed.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (original game) - Task bar appears in game, need to alt tab just to get to full screen.