I play Dungeon Hunter 5 on my Windows 10 Desktop PC. I have an identical PC (wife's) and I want to transfer my player's save file to that PC. Reason for this is that I'll be selling my own PC and get a new one. I want to make sure that I don't have to start this online game from scratch.

DH5 gives an option to login to Facebook from inside the game. It says by doing so, it can make sure that your account "syncs" and you can play from anywhere. Well that is a lie - I have tried their Facebook login feature and it's garbage - it does not work. I have already written two emails to their customer support and still waiting for a response after a month.

So I decided to take things in my own hands.

I used a freeware tool to detect what files changed when I play DH5. The location of changed files was in this folder:


I tried to copy everything from that folder over to the second PC. However DH5 app opens and closes right away. I suspect it needs something more than simply transferring the files like that. I thought it was an ownership issue, so I tried to change the owner of the newly copied files to wife's name (she's the only account holder on that PC). However that didn't work. DH5 still crashed as soon as it opened.

Here is my question: What needs to be done so the DH5 save file from one computer will work on the other?

Any help would be appreciated!