My screensaver (a custom one) has a tendency to override some, but probably not all, fullscreen games if I don't use the keyboard or mouse for long enough, for example if I'm watching a cutscene or using some non-mouse, non-keyboard controllers (gamepads, smartphones etc.) Similarly, when I play Don Bradman Cricket '14 for an extended period of time on my gamepad, power saving kicks in and my screen turns off, despite the game running in the background. I thought that fullscreen programs overrode screensavers and power settings in this respect. This happened with Win7 as well, and I had no luck fixing the problem back then.

Is there a way to fix/workaround this issue? Of course, the obvious way is to disable the screensaver and extend the amount of time taken before power saving kicks in, but that's my last resort since I wish to do neither.