I just got my IR Blaster for my XBOX ONE. I've gone thought the devices setup for my TV and Cable BOX. Also setup the TV guide. The only thing I can't get to work is the volume up down on the TV? Pushing those buttons on the XBOX Media Remote does nothing. It works during the setup, I can see it increment by one when it sends the volume up signal and asks for confirmation that it worked. Sound is to the TV VIA HDMI. TV and cable box go on and off when the XBOX is turned on and off. Chanel up down works on the cable box with the XBOX remote. I've gone through the setup several times but can't figure out how to make it work? I have not been able to adjust the volume, ever from the XBOX remote, either in games, or playing media on the XBOX ONE. I just assumed it's because I don't have any external speakers attached? Anybody have an XBOX with IR Blaster setup and working?

The XBOX is a gaming console so that's why I posted this here.