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  1.    21 Feb 2015 #1

    Recording Game Footage

    Using W10 and I am really impressed with it so far. The issue I am having is that I have tried using my normal recording software which is Xsplit but it wont record, neither will Fraps, any help on this would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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       23 Nov 2015 #2

    Hello KevinR Welcome to the Ten Forums! (quite a bit late unfortunately)

    Recording full screen game play or windowed mode play? is the question of the day! Here the effort to find one besides the Open Broadcaster Software strictly open source pc recorder where you have to add in a source first allows you to live stream or record mp4 files not avi which will easily play back on Windows Media Player as well as a number. It lacks one option however. PAUSE!

    When going to pause with most recorders found on the web so far you only see the stop option while several offer hot keys while in a full screen game play to start and stop. Only a few free and paid for seem to include the pause option like Camstudio being a freeware. But when running a Steam title despite the hot keys option being used all it records is the desktop with the full screen game minimized to the taskbar! A spinning wheel where you would normally see the cursor is all you get!

    Out of several trials as well as a number of freebies the Open Broadcaster Software program has been the only one that actually not only records the game full screen but allows you to monitor the feed. You can assign where to save captures as well as changed the name for each recording while the game is paused in case of recording segments only or not wanting to see Recording, Recording(1), Recording(2), etc. This one is not only a ffreebie but offers a multiple platform as well as the original where you can choose the OS. Open Broadcaster Software - Download
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  3.    24 Nov 2015 #3

    Nvidias own recording software is pretty nicely done and works like a charm
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       26 Nov 2015 #4

    But an NVidia card with a 600 or so GPU is required! The same goes for AMD's ATI with Evolve being part of the updated Catalyst package which has grown quite large in size recently.

    I ended up buying one called Ice Cream which can wrap the full screen or section a good part off when being able to run a pc title in the windowed mode but simply will not record the sound to go with it! The OBS program records everything but lacks the much needed "Pause" button or Hot Key to make your clips seamless when needing to edit anything out like loading the next level or something else like taking a fast break?

    Still going through a folder of downloads however to find the next one that will record the sound as well as the video portion and offer the pause!
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       29 Nov 2015 #5

    Windows key + G brings up Game DVR which can record games for you unless you don't own a MS account with Outlook.
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       29 Nov 2015 #6

    I am familiar with that option which however only allows you to keep and share the last 30seconds otherwise acts like on that one pc DVR recorder. That wouldn't work for uploading lengthy video segments.

    Besides the Ice Cream Screen Recorder program(Foreign transaction fee noted) mentioned before still waiting to hear back from their support as to why their software will not record sound for some reason despite their own information I did find a much more suitable program that offers a lifetime license with several options including the Two PC option which should work out nicely for the dual booting purposes here since with any of these types of apps you are allowed a single install only unless uninstalling while connected online and then reinstalling if you should need to reinstall or upgrade the OS side of things. They burn you when trying to install a second time on the same machine since it works much the same as the MS activation servers only no one you can call.

    The few programs including Debut, Mojave, NCH software, Lilo, Camstudio, besides the OBS program that did record full screen playback the windowed mode option saw those others record the video only until running into the ZDSoft Screen Recorder app which is working out well and why I went with the two pc license option.

    In five long running segments plus the conclusion being a shorter length clip to be uploaded as Part 3 of the five main is now you can see what the first is like. The theme for these are a change from the usual author's scheme of quick playthrough levels to seeing just how long you can last regardless of how much health and ammo you have. Something the game developers never put into the default theme is accumulation of everything adding up to increase how much. But it won't matter any!

    In some parts you will start running the usual until something happens to change the rules a little? Part of this was to add in a little humour to the otherwise all 1st person shooter by not adding in more gore but a reality recheck?! Instead of the boring usual walk through you see an alternate reality take place being the variation represented in part. But that also takes a certain type of game design to work.
    Last edited by Night Hawk; 29 Nov 2015 at 17:11. Reason: additional information added
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  7.    02 Dec 2015 #7

    I have tried them all and the best one i found was works great
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  8.    02 Dec 2015 #8

    Night Hawk said: View Post
    But an NVidia card with a 600 or so GPU is required!
    he has 670gtx according to his specs
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       03 Dec 2015 #9

    Well first we will have to wait to see if the OP even gets back on here. I just happened to notice no one else had offered any reply as well as this being the same type of thread I almost started when replying here.

    So far the ZDSoft Screen Recorder pointed out has proven itself to be one of the best seen so far. The end results for each recording are also much better quality wise as the Open Broadcaster Software app there tends to end up with a grainy texture compared to the much superior reproduction seen with the SR program you pay for.

    That shouldn't come as any surprise of course while the one thing to note is that it works much on the idea of how the av software runs scans in the background without tromping on system resources any and why the buffering ZDSoft put in does work quite well since you will never actually get the 100% flawless recording as any professional could explain while seeing an improved end result is what the optimum goal is for most.
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       04 Dec 2015 #10

    Game-dvr will record more than 30 seconds. I have recorded videos 4-5 minutes long
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