Windows 10: FPS drops by 20-30 frames after 5 minutes of playing, alt tab fixes it Solved

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  1.    06 Mar 2016 #11

    Here's an article you may want to read.
    Six Signs Your Graphics Card Might Be Dying - PCMech

    Ever since I purchased my new computer, I tend to be a little paranoid about my hardware. I’m constantly monitoring everything for signs of failure, remaining vigilant even when there’s realistically no reason to be. One of the areas where I’m most worried about seeing signs of failure is in my graphics card; it wasn’t exactly a cheap purchase, after all. I’ve made myself intimately familiar with all the signs that my card might be running out of time.
    Today, I’m going to share them with you. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be able to catch a failing card before you’re left without a computer.
    You’re Seeing Way Too Much Stutter

    Excessive stuttering when playing games, watching movies or streaming video could be the sign of a faulty graphics card, but it shouldn’t be used to diagnose the problem on its own. This stuttering could easily be the result of a whole host of other problems, including but not limited to bad RAM, a failing hard drive, corrupt software, a malware infestation, or even a low-quality monitor. Check your card if you notice excessive and unusual stuttering, but don’t immediately assume your card needs to be replaced because of it.
    Artifacts Are Everywhere

    Visual artifacts (see here for an extreme example) are a far better indication that something’s going wrong with your graphics card. That said, these can often be the result of heat issues, either from excessive overclocking or a build-up of dust. Dust out your computer, check your voltage, and see if the problem persists. If it does, then it’s probably time to start shopping around for a new card.
    Your Textures Look Odd

    As with visual artifacts, bad textures can also be an indication that your card is on its last legs. Again, don’t simply assume your card is failing if you start to run into texture problems. It could easily be a bug with your drivers, corrupt textures with your game installation or a compatibility issue with your card. Do a bit of searching online and see if anyone’s run into similar problems, and try reinstalling the game in which you encountered the weird textures while you’re at it. With any luck, you’re just dealing with a software problem, rather than a hardware problem.
    You’re Experiencing Consistent Crashes/Blue-screens

    Now things are getting a touch more severe. If your system consistently crashes or blue-screens whenever you start to push your graphics card (by playing a graphically intense game, for example), then there’s a good chance your card is a dud (or that it will be soon). This is particularly true if you get crashes involving a significant degree of visual artifacts (but no blue screen). I was running into this issue with certain games; it turns out it was because the fan on my old graphics card was busted and it was overheating as a result. The card still worked fine, but the fan needed to be replaced.
    The Fan’s Way Louder Than It Should Be

    If the fan on your graphics card sounds more like a jet turbine, that may be because the graphics card’s temperature has reached a nearly critical state. While this isn’t a sign that your card is dying on its own, running the graphics card at a higher-than-recommended operating temperature can easily lead to permanent damage. As with the artifacting issue, try dusting your graphics card off. If the sound is no longer present after you’ve gotten rid of any excess dust, then your card’s not dying. If the fan still goes nuts, then you’re probably going to be replacing your card.
    It Fails The Graphics Card Stability Test

    Last, but certainly not least, try downloading and running a Furmark benchmark. If your card manages to get through the process without overloading, then it’s probably just fine. Do note that running any sort of intensive process such as this could well accelerate whatever graphics card problems you’re having and cause your card to fail; although it would have failed eventually on its own, that might mean some of you will want to avoid this step.
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  2.    07 Mar 2016 #12

    Nope, GPU isn't dead. I noticed that I haven't mentioned my specs. Also, it's a goddamn laptop, HP Pavilion DV6 6053EA
    It has Intel i5 2410m at 2.3 GHZ, 4gb 1333mhz ddr3 ram,AMD Mobility Radeon 6490M 1GB GDDR5
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  3.    07 Mar 2016 #13

    have you tried using disk cleanup and cleaning up any cache files and stuff that might be filling up your laptop? I would do that considering you did an upgrade.. and if you look back on a few old topics, people complained about game performance dropping when upgrading from a previous windows version to a new one and not doing a clean install.. they get game performance issues..

    try running disk cleanup to get rid of all of those junk files and cache that is left behind after doing an upgrade.. i also would use CCleaner and clean up the rest of the cache on your pc, avoid the registry cleaner thing in CCleaner and you should be good..
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  4.    07 Mar 2016 #14

    My disk cleanup used to froze at checking windows.old folder, but i'll give it another try. And why is CCleaners r3gistry cleaner bad? I've alwqys used it on win xp and 7, hqvent t4i3d it yet on windows 10. I did a clean install tho (kinda),trough win 10 media creation tool. I chose to keep nothing.
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  5.    08 Mar 2016 #15

    Cleaning didn't help at all
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  6.    09 Mar 2016 #16

    Ran the System File Checker, everything was fine, still having those annoying fps drops.
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  7.    09 Mar 2016 #17

    Well if you have tried everything else and nothing worked, you can try Razer Cortex Game Booster. Sometimes people claim they get 10-20 extra fps with it.

    I remember on one of my older rigs with a 5650, it helped get rid of some stutter in JC2 and even got me 20+ fps there so.

    I'd like to say it helps with my current system (open specs to see) but I haven't felt the need to use it on this rig so I can't really say. But with older hardware it definitely does help.
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  8.    10 Mar 2016 #18

    Kinda helps with the FPS, buy the fps drops are still there.
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  9.    10 Mar 2016 #19

    I think I found th3 issue, gpu memory clock is at 275 mhz or lower at all times, overclocking doesnt help, how to fix? It might be GPUZ bug tho
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  10.    11 Mar 2016 #20

    Famazed said: View Post
    I think I found th3 issue, gpu memory clock is at 275 mhz or lower at all times, overclocking doesnt help, how to fix? It might be GPUZ bug tho
    Did you check GPUZ while running a game/graphics intense application? It is never full speed otherwise :P
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