I have played war thunder on my new PC since Christmas when I got it. It has worked fine, like everything else, until four days ago when instead of launching the game after pressing the "play" button in the launcher, a black screen appears after a slight but alarming delay. And it won't go away: it just sits there for hours on end. I cant see my cursor, or anything else for that matter. It responds however when I press the windows key on my keyboard: I can then see my cursor but only when it's hovering above the start window on the lower left corner and on the task bar (at this point I cannot see my task bar or start window). When I aimlessly click away with despair and confusion, with luck I open some random program that was on my task bar or start window. The black screen then reduces into an empty running program on the task bar revealing the desktop, start window, task bar, and the program I just opened. I cannot close war thunder, or interact with anything on the screen exept the task bar and the start window forcing me to shut down the computer. When restarted everything else works fine again. The problem appeared the same day I had played war thunder previously and I haven't downloaded anything or done anything else in between. It just happened. There are no error messages to report of give me insight on what the hell is wrong.

War thunder is the only game or program on my PC that causes this to happen. Because everyone else online with similar issues have mensioned about many other games that cause the black screen to happen, I downloaded many games and tested this out (world of tanks, world of warships, simpleplanes, minecraft).

I've tried everything I could think of. I've tried rebooting the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling war thunder, reinstalling driver software, downloaded a few bullshit repair programs, and tested a myriad of other ineffective solutions I found online.

I have played war thunder for well over a year and I cant live without it.
So please, I would be forever grateful if some genius told me what to do before i kill myself or preform a factory reset, which means loosing the guarantee for my new PC.