Games Come To Play on Windows 10 PCs

Games are about to be very big on Windows 10.

More power at lower temperatures mean systems that wont melt, while major releases and Virtual Reality will drive interest in PC gaming.

Quantum Break is the latest PC announcement and its high specification requirements are already causing some ire. Not to mention annoying Xbox users that they have to share their one-time console exclusive.

Major launches are coming thick and fast, like Mirrors Edge 2 and The Division, both with beta versions for gamers to test out.
They take advantage of the latest Windows 10, plus CPU and GPU features to produce the best effects.

DirectX 12 support is picking up and new generations of graphics cards that leave the latest consoles in the dust are on the way.

However, with the huge range of PCs out there, millions of Windows 10 users will want to know what games they can play with their systems.

While it is easy enough to check the minimum, recommended and seriously recommended specifications, the sliding scale of PC games performance is more complex then that.

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Games Come To Play on Windows 10 PCs - Windows 10 News and Updates