Ok so I had been using the Xbox App for the last couple weeks with the only issue being that the party chat doesn't work. Yesterday I went on to play and connect to device, but my Xbox is not showing up to connect to. The strange thing is, my friend who rents out my downstairs has an Xbox and I can see that. I have not changed anything, any ideas how I can get the Xbox to show up? I have the streaming enabled on the Xbox(because I had been using it before and both my PC and Xbox are hard-wired to my router.

I have tried the following:

-Power cycled my Xbox

-Power cycled Router

-Reset my Router to default settings

-Restarted my PC

-uninstalled and then reinstalled the Xbox App on Win 10

-called Windows support for Xbox App and they had me clear some data on the Xbox

.......still nothing. What the heck is going on that is just stopped showing up?! seems like the Xbox has issues if that wont show up but my friends does... Thoughts?