Hello guys, i am new here so i will try to be on point as possible. :)

After the big update of this month (November 2015) my computer is acting strange.

When i try to play any game, my FPS is fine, but after a couple of minutes the fps drop half and because of this my gameplay goes literally to hell

here in this post i have a SS for the task manager, note that the CPU usage on the task manager is different of the one shown of a software i have to monitoring the pc ( if you guys are not understanding sorry my windows is Brazilian Portuguese) and other thing that is getting my attention is the process call System and compressed memory, is getting a lot of RAM (but apparently this is normal now with this update for a briefly research i did).

Click image for larger version. 

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Bottom of line is, someone is having problems similar to mine, or maybe a fix to this issue? is Microsoft is aware of this ?

Thanks for your help