Hi folks,

I have a set of Swage 2 Bluetooth Headphones by Rokit Boost. They work great on most games, and on a few I just have to disable the mic in the game settings and then the audio will work wonderfully.

However, there are a couple of games which don't play well with the headset. To be specific, Team Fortress 2 and America's Army: Proving Grounds. I've tried disabling the mic, but nothing happened. I get absolutely zero audio through my headset on these games, audio works fine on my speakers and ear buds, but doesn't work on my headset. Is there a fix somewhere? Something I have to disable?

Also, with Team Fortress 2, I do get audio in the Menu but when I join a game it cuts out. On America's Army, I don't get any audio anywhere. Not in the menu and not in the game.

Any help would be much appreciated. :)


PS: I know what you're probably going to say, "Get a wired headset. Problem solved." Well, I would but as it is the holidays are coming up and I don't have very much money and the money I do have is going to gifts.