Hello, So i am having an issues here.
Every Game i play in fullscreen ,GTA V,Bf4 Dota 2,CSGO, Skyrim and all other game Lag on pressing Alt,
I go from 60fps to 45 each time i press it,
The thing is if i play in Windowed Borderless everything is fine, it was doing the same thing with my previous video card gtx 770 and now i have 980,but it's was not doing it on Windows 7, I use alt most of the time to speak online via Ventrilo or Teamspeak3,
Yes i try to change my teamspeak key to something else or try my game without any voip and i still get the lag,

it is weird and i really need to find why it does that.
any idea?

My setup is
CPU. FX 8350
MB, Sabertooth v2.0
Memory 16GB G.skill
GTX 980
PSU 750 TX
WIN 10 pro 64bit