Windows 10: Windows 10, Framerate capped @60-ish

  1.    15 Oct 2015 #1

    Windows 10, Framerate capped @60-ish


    I recently upgraded to windows 10 home 64bit. All that went well, my games played 120+ FPS as it
    should. So I decided to clean install win10, all that went well also, but now
    when I try to play some games, they are all capped at 60 frames per/sec. I often
    cannot even get over 40-ish fps.

    I've searched this all over and I am posting this in various places in hopes someone has experienced this and found a fix.

    My machine:

    i7 4970k
    ASUS Maximus Hero VII
    2-way SLI ASUS GTX680
    16 gb RAM
    Samsung SSD 250gb

    ASUS VG248QE with DVI-D cable windows detects that it is set to 120Hz refresh rate.

    I have tried lowest visual and maximum visual settings.
    I have Vsync disabled in Nvidia Panel and in game.
    I have disabled and even removed the Xbox DVR thing
    All drivers fully updated.

    Anyone else experience this?

    Thank you.
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  2. jds63's Avatar
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       15 Oct 2015 #2

    Might be still an NVIDIA SLI issue with drivers and Windows 10. Knowing there is and was an issue with SLI.
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  3. blackroseMD1's Avatar
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       16 Oct 2015 #3

    Have you tried using something like DDU to make sure that your GPU driver is completely uninstalled, and then reinstalling the GPU driver? With SLI enabled on my W10 system, I have no problem getting well over 60 FPS.

    Also, are you sure that SLI is enabled via Nvidia Control Panel?
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  4.    16 Oct 2015 #4

    Vsync enabled per chance? Are you using a correct refresh rate too? My monitor supports 60Hz and 75Hz (75 for some modes only).
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  5.    16 Oct 2015 #5

    Hi Doodz,

    1. I don't think it is a SLI issue because when I did the upgrade, everything worked fine and I was getting 144 FPS easy as per usual. It is after doing a clean install that everything went outta-whack. Some games I get less 60FPS, other games can seem to apply VSync and work my SLI really hard.

    2. I googled DDU, I will test it later and if that still fails, I'm just gonna friggin' do another clean install and hope for the best. Thanks for sharing that.

    3. Ya I definately verified Vsync and SLI profile in the NVIDIA control panel and in-game settings. I have disabled and enable off an on all possible settings. My Monitor does up to 144Hz.

    Well wish me luck doodz.

    Thanks alot.
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  6. jds63's Avatar
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       16 Oct 2015 #6

    Share which games, if not all low fps.As said i realized VSync from some of my games will cap the fps.
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  7. blackroseMD1's Avatar
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       16 Oct 2015 #7

    StoopidxDood said: View Post
    Well wish me luck doodz.

    Thanks alot.
    Good luck man. Hopefully DDU helps. Make sure you run it in Windows safe mode so it can remove everything. It'll give you a prompt to boot into safe mode. I use it every single time I install a new GPU driver.
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  8. MrNeeds's Avatar
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       18 Oct 2015 #8

    firstly, in response to the SLI issue, windows 10 does not support SLI out of the box, the reason it worked before is because it was upgraded and was using the SLI profiles for the windows version before the upgrade (probably 8.1), a fresh install will delete those profiles and there is no way to force them back into nv control panel, Nvidia has since released a working SLI driver for it and should work if you download the latest game ready driver at
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  9.    19 Oct 2015 #9

    Isn't that Asus VG248QE a G-Sync monitor? If yes, Nvidia with their drivers seems to be regularly having issues getting their own technology to work properly, especially in combination with SLI. Suggest you check the Geforce forums and the Asus forums. Additionally, Nvidia's latest hotfix driver was specifically released to deal with G Sync issues. Might want to give it a try if you haven't already. Good luck indeed.

    Nvidia 358.59 Hotfix Driver
    Fixes "G-Sync Windowed mode & full-screen performance issue"
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  10.    20 Oct 2015 #10

    Hi doodz,

    Thank you all for the responses. So I tried a few suggestions, notably DDU, (Which is awesome by the way thanks for that one blackroseMD1).

    So my 2-way SLI works flawlessly for my games like FFXIV, Civilization V. But for older online games that worked before on Win7, I can'T get them to work. And must be related to the game itself somehow. Hopefully with future Nvidia updates or maybe updates to those older games will fix it.

    So I guess this is "Resolved-ish". Again I thank everyone for taking a little time to help me.

    To Specialkone: Yes the ASUS VG248QE is a GSYNC capable. But I bought one of the earlier versions which does not have it enabled. There was a way to upgrade it for GSYNC, but it would require me to buy an additional do-it-yourself upgrade kit for like 200 or 300 more dollars. The DIY upgrade kit was sold only for a limited time and limited stock back in 2014.
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