What Games are you playing right now?  

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    Windows 11 Pro 64 bit Version 21H2

    Battlefield 1 a great game love it , The Witcher 3 also good and Batman Telltale Game, decent game i was a big fan of the Walking Dead series in Telltale Games.
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    Windows 10 Home

    Forza 6
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    Windows 11 Pro 64

    blackroseMD1 said:
    Still playing GTA Online. Almost 1100 hours in now and just started running my, uh, businesses, which has started making me a ton of money.

    Also, good news for us gamers about the Creators Update:

    Still playing WD2. Getting close to the end, I think. Saw this about the Windows 10 Creator's Update Game Mode on Guru 3D. Oh well, ya I guess every little bit helps. Personally I'd exchange this feature any day for a working full OSD in UWP games so I could measure performance and do tweaking (if necessary) myself.

    "Enabling Game Mode will be as simple as flipping a switch via the Xbox Game Bar, found on Windows 10 by pressing the Windows key and G. Windows 10 will remember which games have Game Mode enabled until you turn it off.
    Microsoft told me that while Win32 PC games (typical of Steam) will see some benefits from Game Mode, it will be UWP games (typical of the Windows 10 Store) that see the biggest improvements. This is because the UWP environment is a little more standardized than Win32, and Microsoft can more easily optimize the feature as a result. Microsoft is working with their hardware partners, including Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, to make sure Game Mode is as good as it can be, optimizing for the most popular hardware configurations available.
    Game Mode will be enabled by default for certain games that have undergone thorough testing. So expect first-party UWP games such as Halo Wars 2 and Forza Horizon 3 to leverage Game Mode out of the box.
    I asked Microsoft to describe a scenario where you might want to*disable*Game Mode, and the engineer noted a situation where he wanted to continue rendering at high-speed in Adobe Lightroom in the background, while still enjoying Diablo 3 in the foreground. To that end, it's good that Microsoft is providing players with the option to disable Game Mode manually for those rigs capable of intensive multi-tasking.
    Game Mode will dynamically disable itself when you minimize or set your game into the background, giving your system full access to your hardware while you begin multi-tasking. This is similar to how the Xbox One works today. It sounds as though Game Mode will generally be a seamless experience for those who utilize it. When asked about "Game Mode enabled Universal Windows Apps,"(a phrase that appeared in earlier documentation), and was told that developers won't have to do anything to support Game Mode in their games, as it will be enabled by default at a system level. However, Microsoft is exploring ways developers can further leverage Game Mode for their games to bring additional benefits down the line.
    Quite honestly we doubt the new game mode is going to do much. But hey, every little bit helps of course."*

    Details Windows Game Mode Explained
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    Windows 10, MacOS Lion

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    Windows 11 Pro 64

    For anyone playing WD2, I just tried HFTS shadows again expecting the typical huge FPS hit. In addition, I got massive flickering. Seems Nvidia's 378.49 driver broke these "advanced" shadows in WD2 and The Division. Gladly went back to Ultra shadows with no issues.

    What Games are you playing right now?-37849.png

    A friend just told me I only have a couple of campaign missions left. Still I can't believe I hit 50 hours and still haven't finished. You simply can't fight your way out when you get detected by security. The game is about stealth, hacks, puzzles and patience. Something this old first person shooter gamer had to learn. The only intense shooting scene is when you acquire this spider tank.

    What Games are you playing right now?-watch-dogs-2-2017.01.25-

    Pretty cool game though IMHO. Even have to hack things like cranes to get to an objective.

    What Games are you playing right now?-watch-dogs-2-2017.01.27-
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    64-bit Win10 Pro Insider Build 19569

    - starting to make headway in*Dishonored2
    -*neat plot..:)
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    Windows 10

    Resident Evil 7

    Some crazy sh*t creeping me the hell out man lol
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    Windows 11 Pro 64

    solarstarshines said:
    Resident Evil 7

    Some crazy sh*t creeping me the hell out man lol
    How's it performing? Someone told me there are HUGE swings in FPS. Of course with your rig, maybe not.
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    MS Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
    Thread Starter

    solarstarshines said:
    Resident Evil 7

    Some crazy sh*t creeping me the hell out man lol
    Sounds good... Wish I had a better vid card to run it better. Then I would buy it.
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    Windows 10

    specialkone said:
    How's it performing? Someone told me there are HUGE swings in FPS. Of course with your rig, maybe not.
    I don't notice it at all with my rig there is no swing in frames from my point but you can do alternate frames from 30-60 Maybe that is what he is talking about because games like this and Evil within slowed it to 30fps to enhance the feeling of fear that is probably what he is experiencing

    My CPU core is hitting mid 50's and so is my GPU this game is intense but very good so far just have to get over all the stuff you hear in the Background you feel like someone is always chasing you or about to bust in on you it's a lot of hiding which is even more intense

    you will enjoy it i have 3 co-workers playing it and one of them is a Lady she is further than all of us but of course she has more time then we do lmao
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