What Games are you playing right now?  

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    @specialkone, do you think his CPU temps are because his lazy GPU is putting all the work on the CPU?
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    essenbe said:
    @specialkone, do you think his CPU temps are because his lazy GPU is putting all the work on the CPU?
    I think our dude has resolved all his lazy GPU issues. He doesn't seem to benchmark anymore. Or if he does, possibly he falls asleep before the results are produced. And now he seems to only buy/run games that are two or more years old. I don't think he read the riot act to his GPU. It was the other way around.

    I really do want to see video of how that 1070 alongside his fully capable CPU handles GRW, minimum FPS. etc. I think his GPU already threatened him not to buy GRW and mentioned if he does his GPU will leave him for the fine Ten Forum members who use their hardware to browse the internet and play card games.
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    BTW essenbe, seems to me the one most worried about dude's lazy GPU is you. I think you are anticipating a Ten Forum admin meeting that goes something like this:

    "Q: a lot of new members are asking who this benchmark editor is and what he does.
    A: ya, I get that too. I tell them he is a hardware OC guru, gives advice and maintains the benchmark results on our leaderboards.
    Q: I tell them that too. But then they ask me if he is such a guru why doesn't he benchmark. I tell them he does (or used to) you just have to go to page 10 of the leaderboards to see his results.
    A: I tell them that too. Then they ask me if he is such a guru what's up with that 7001 Time Spy score that seemed to take months to achieve. We are out of answers. We better tell essenbe, who is achieving top of the leaderboard scoring with that EVGA FTW 3, that he now has to take over all the hard work of maintaining the Ten Forum leaderboards."

    Hey, you know what? I think I just figured out why dude won't change that GPU of his.
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    Dude said:
    Essenbe just tried to create a sticky thread and the admins stopped him. It had the title:

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    I have more COD games but I have no disk space for them. Black Ops II, Infinity which I hate, All of the early COD's and even Delta Force and Delta force Extreme
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    GRW, I had to steal this car from the bad guys. You should actually see in game the textures on the dirt roads when it raining. Impressive!

    What Games are you playing right now?-tom-clancys-ghost-recon-wildlands2017-6-1-11-46-32.jpg
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    All these new games are fun, I play them too, but what I'm playing these days are some of the classic fps games: Smokin' Guns, Cube 2 Sauerbraten, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. (OK, I might be using the term "classics" loosely!) For those not hep to these oldies, Smokin' Guns is based on the original Quake engine and is a simple fps set in the Old West. Servers are all in Europe, players are few, but those that play it tend to be enthusiastic and skilled. (be aware that the graphics are hilariously poor)
    As for Sauerbraten, the "Venice" map is a flurry of activity during the day (in the U.S.), and like SG most of the players are in Europe. It's a fun old-school shooter, vaguely like Unreal Tournament.
    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is my fave of all time. It's earthlings vs. aliens, with a myriad of fighting vehicles available for either side. (tanks, boats, helicopters, etc.) It's a crime that the servers were allowed to die a few years ago, but one can easily play with friends on a local network. (I believe that the ETQW disks can still be found on eBay)
    Pardon the rambling... just had to share.
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    - I've been bashing around in FarCry3, kinda spooky nostalgia feeling here..

    - climbing radio station towers and stuff..

    - it's a trip..
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    It's all great stuff, guys. Unreal Tournament. I had great fun with it when it was released long ago. Quake engine and series. It all gives me goose bumps thinking about it.

    Far Cry - I've played/enjoyed at least one in that series. I know Blackrose is waiting on Far Cry 5 I think it is 5, which is scheduled for release in November. Ubisoft Montreal - my friend's son in law works there in game dev. He did tell me I should look at Ghost Recon Wildlands. He can never tell me much about upcoming releases no matter how hard I try, with the gag orders. Great fun he is having. If I had it to do all over again I wouldn't have an MBA in statistics. I'd be in programming looking to work at a good game dev. Ah, but during my days getting degrees PC game programming was in its infancy.
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