Hello, I'm trying to make the WINMM-OGG wrapper to work on Windows 10. It seems that Microsoft changed something in the WINMM.DLL file and all the wrappers based on the WINMM-WAV or WINMM-OGG wrappers got broken.

There are several Forums talking about it, and there are people saying they got it working, though their links are always broken and never reply how the got fixed it, so its unclear that they mannaged to really fix it.

The problems seems to be that WINMM-OGG wrapps arround MS WINMM, and there it fails on W10, entering in an infinite loop.

I allready tried changing the wrapper name to something else than WINMM and change the Game exe to point to he alternative DLL but still the same effect.

I hope somebody has the suficient debugging knowledge to tell where it is getting stuck or tell how to get it working on W10.


Links to WINMM-OGG: hifi-unmaintained/ogg-winmm · GitHub
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