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    Windows 10 Home 64bit
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    I'm here, Just been super busy with work, and the fact that other things are stopping my commitment to this forum, I will keep you updated.
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    64-bit Windows 10 Home

    These games still working in Win10-

    Mass Effect 3
    Pinball Arcade
    Pinball FX2
    Painkiller Hell and Damnation
    Sid Meier's Pirates!
    Tropico 2 -Pirate Cove
    Pirates of Black Cove
    Knights of Honor
    East India Company
    Sins of a Solar Empire -Rebellion
    Distant Worlds -Universe
    Railroad Tycoon 2
    The Secret of Monkey Island, Special Edition
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    Windows 10

    Had no issue with the following:
    Total War: Attila
    Total War: Rome 2
    Europa Universalis IV
    Kiai Resonance
    Torment: Tides of Numenera (Early access)
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    64-bit Win10 Pro Insider Build 19569

    Mageworld, another Jim Ferris mod for the Dungeon Siege1 game, works fiendishly well..

    {a quote from the game's ReadMe file}
    Mageworld is HARD. No, let me say that again - MAGEWORLD IS HARD.
    I don't mean "Oh, gee, it's a little difficult", I mean to tell you that
    the single-player game is a flat-out bitch. It should take the typical
    player a month to complete the SP game. Some players will take longer.
    Many people will never complete it at all, because they simply lack
    the skills and the patience to manage it. You will die and have to
    restart from your last save literally thousands of times before you
    figure out tactics that work. If you are expecting a game that's as easy
    as original DS was, you will be disappointed. No, let me put that a
    better way: If you are expecting a game that's as easy as original DS,
    you will be screaming with frustration and tearing your hair out in huge
    clumps with both hands. Your neighbors will call the police because
    they will hear your screams and think someone's being murdered in your
    house. Even if you're smart enough to understand what I'm saying and
    are expecting the game to be hard, let me tell you, it's harder than
    you are imagining. MAGEWORLD IS HARD.

    - it's great fun though..
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    Win 11 x 64 Home on PC and Win 10 Pro x 64 on Surface 5.

    I have Far Cry 2 (Fortunes Edition) and, until a couple of days ago, was working fine. Now it crashes. The video goes black and stays there. But can still hear sound. To get out of it I have to crash the pc. I tried re-installation - failure. I then adjusted the graphic game settings, which had gone in as ultra high, down to very high. It worked for about 24 hours and has just crashed again. Black screen, sound but no controls. I have also tried reversing and installing latest AMD drivers (see spec) to no avail.

    I play Sid Meiers Pirates but switched to the steam version because the disk would not load. Same with Age of Empires 2 HD

    Silent hunter 4 is fine

    Had to bin Freelancer, its packed in altogether now, but was fine until about 6 months ago; yet it still works on my laptop. PC was running generic drivers, so have updated to Samsung model driver, but not made difference.

    I am going to take pc into a local shop, for £40 they will backup data, then strip/wipe drive and install with clean copy of 10, latest version and updates. Then my AV and Office 2013 then I start again.
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    Win 11 x 64 Home on PC and Win 10 Pro x 64 on Surface 5.

    After nearly 3 days of checking, running ,checking running che...................... I think I may have solved it. Time will tell. I removed game totally and reinstalled (again) but this time I also reinstalled the particular AMD stuff for my card. Then set game option to ultra high to try and break it, so far its running perfectly. It possible the recent AMD update was corrupt, or corrupted my graphics. Tell will time I think.

    edit: I ran FC2 until 0300 hrs approx not one crash, presuming fixed
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    Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)

    I wonder how relevant this list will be as new builds get released. Unfortunately as Windows 10 is constantly changing and evolving I worry a game that is working today may not work tomorrow. Maybe a bit of repetition here but a few older games that work for me, Battlefield 2 (no patching required), Viva Piñata, Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Grand Prix 4
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    Win 11 x 64 Home on PC and Win 10 Pro x 64 on Surface 5.

    The main game that wont work is actually a Microsoft game. But, 'we no longer support this game' is their answer. BUT, they should. That's like buying windows and having to upgrade - oh wait a mo' - we DO!
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    Windows 10 Home 64

    Wow, I noticed ArcheAge is not even in the list.
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    windows 10 64 bit

    Cant install RTCW

    Hello , i just registered to this forum hello all, i see in the list of games that runs on windows 10 that RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN SP runs ok , but when i am trying to install the game , in the screen where you choose the destination folder appears a message that says " insufficient space on the destination directory " , i have plenty of space more than 200 gigs , but the available space in the installation screen of the games says that i dont have space, i would like to know what is happening.
    I am trying to install an original copy of RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN - PLATINUM EDITION.

    Thank you very much for any advice on this problem.
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