Starfield and 21H1 and why

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    Starfield and 21H1 and why

    Could somebody explain outside the fact that Microsoft purchased Bethesda and literally
    had them put this requirement in? It makes no sense at all. Is there a patch I could install
    to make this game run on a 2004/20H1 release at least?

    The biggest thing about this game is that they force you to install 21H1.
    I mean I just took this spare SSD drive I had lying around ( that I found outside
    but never picked it up since it had issues ) and installed a backup of 1903 I have
    and upgraded and upgraded Windows until the block message went away
    Great on my GTX 1080 32g and 4770 via big display this game looks really nice as it's
    prior counter-parts. I really do not understand why I had to update to an OS that is way lamer
    then the prior release of the same OS?


    I am just playing this because it is literally fallout, but unlike Fallout your super-powered up,
    have space-jump on demand, armed with a powerful mining laser.

    Even if your "over-cumbered" you literally could space-jump your way across the land narrowly
    avoiding your Oxygen to slip, and dump your load on the ship, and go back outside and do it all again.

    Then lets talk about the random murdered NPC you want to cheat and bring back to life. Just like in Fallout 3.
    I go exploring and some NPC who is probably important to some quest in the future is dead, by random killing
    of a passive-aggressive space thingy alien. Oh look there goes two Team-Rocket members ( in Space ) or cultists or whatever. There is the space-monster that looks like a Spider but is clearly not a spider. Oh those two bad space people are actually fighting against it, now it is dead. Then they randomly stalk and shoot at me, or maybe they get killed by drawing it's attention. We learn every-bodies name.

    .................................................................................................... .................................

    Skyrim/Oblivion = Zelda
    Fallout = Fallout
    Starfield = Metroid


    So this game is basically Fallout/Oblivion/Skyrim in Space without many of the features that makes Fallout

    The nuclear font type of the subs. Now have the same Fonts you see in subtitles of a recent VHS tape or Switch game.

    VTS system - That system where you could zoom in on any enemy or body-part while targeting three or more targets.
    I think the system is more like Fallout 4 but you have to configure it because your moving in real time despite slow-down in speed.

    Radio - ( Unless I am missing something ). I mean so much could have been done here. Like intercepting waves from years
    ago that are still traveling.

    Actual travel - Because when you do travel ( Unlike Zelda Wind Waker ) you literally ...... ( cut scene of you traveling in five seconds ) across the universe, trying to travel ( real travel ) Is not possible at all. ( Unless I a mistaken and it takes a long time and real sleep ).
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    Have you tried Compatibility Settings?
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    Win10 Version 22H2 Pro and Home, Win11 Pro and Home

    Version 20H1 is old and out of support since before May 9, 2023. Win10 currently is Version 22H2 Build 19045.3996. Version 22H2 probably is the last upgrade but Builds may continue until the announced End of Life/Support of Oct. 14, 2025.

    As with most programs, updates to Windows can affect them and frequently also fix issues with the programs running on Windows which is the usual reason for recommendations to update or Upgrade Windows. Also involved is whether the programmers/authors of the programs find and fix issues in them. Disclaimer: I'm not a gamer except for Mahjong and Solitaire but do run a variety of programs, graphics editor, spreadsheet, word processor, etc.
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    I just knew once Microsoft bought Bethesda it'd be a shit fest of crap. Just like how Microsoft ruined Perfect Dark. Was awesome on the N64... Then they got their evil greed head mitts in GTA IV.

    Midnight launch of GTA IV. Only to find out you needed a Microsoft controller. LOL

    About GTA V - the last release.

    Within 24 hours of its release, Grand Theft Auto V generated more than US$815 million in worldwide revenue, equating to approximately 11.21 million copies sold for Take-Two Interactive.[213][r] The numbers nearly doubled analysts' expectations for the title.[215][216] Three days after its release, the game had surpassed one billion dollars in sales, making it the fastest-selling entertainment product in history.[217][s] Six weeks after its release, Rockstar had shipped nearly 29 million copies of the game to retailers, exceeding the lifetime figures of Grand Theft Auto IV.[219] On 7 October 2013, the game became the best-selling digital release on PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3, breaking the previous record set by The Last of Us, though numerical sales figures were not disclosed.[220][221] It broke seven Guinness World Records on 8 October: best-selling video game in 24 hours, best-selling action-adventure video game in 24 hours, highest-grossing video game in 24 hours, fastest entertainment property to gross US$1 billion, fastest video game to gross US$1 billion, highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours, and most viewed trailer for an action-adventure video game.[2]
    Bunch of wanna be thieves and gangsters... LOL
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    To answr your question:

    Starfield and 21H1 and why
    Becasue it's Micorosft. They're all nothing but greed head dicks that like little children. Ask William... Hell, ask his wife Melinda. Feel bad for that woman. Really do.
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    Thread Starter

    So somebody just claimed that 21H1 is not up to date, and yes Starfield is 2023 while 21H1 is not. My question again is why?
    Is there some kind of feature? Did they just did that thing that forced me to purchase GPU that supports 12_1 and update drivers?

    Seems kind of unreasonable

    F22 Simpilot said:
    To answr your question:
    Becasue it's Micorosft. They're all nothing but greed head dicks that like little children. Ask William... Hell, ask his wife Melinda. Feel bad for that woman. Really do.
    That woman jump ship from the marriage out of fear that she might be jailed. Furthermore using that as an excuse.
    She literally took over 2 billion of his stocks. She has shared control over the many foundations that she started with him.
    She was literally a programmer who did multimedia stuff, while working under him. She sneaked into his life and kept the doors wide open for him. I feel nothing for this person at all. Bill is the real victim here. He has one son and looks like he is trying to be some kind of lawyer who likes feminism..... but followed his mothers path. If you remember anything about Elizabeth Holmes it is pretty much the same game but far more advanced. Just hop on cock of your boss or some rich dude and be a unique service to him. She is a super-scam-artist also her being Catholic ( that thing that Sinead O'Connor is against ) is not helping anybody in the current trending world. A reason why Bernie popularity sunk when he decided to meet the Pope rather then take the charge in NY state.

    Vatican cops bust drug-fueled gay orgy at home of cardinal’s aide

    Berton said:
    Version 20H1 is old.

    Nothing is old unless it is unusable. I can install and upgrade and work with what I need to work with. I am not a corporation or small child, or Quad from "Sliders" who was a computer science major that was actually all hippy-dippy and ran of with some government official to Africa. I am not stupid ( maybe that is my problem ). There has not been one problem not solvable with upgrading at all. I am using 2004/20H1 and all flags are green. I need flash, I prefer the previous Edge.

    F22 Simpilot said:
    I just knew once Microsoft bought Bethesda it'd be a shit fest of crap. Just like how Microsoft ruined Perfect Dark. Was awesome on the N64... Then they got their evil greed head mitts in GTA IV.
    Perfect Dark, Conker, and Banjo disappointments are truly unforgivable. Only thing good was probably "Grabbed by the ghoulies" ( which was more or less a meh "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" and that game was stumped. I even feel bad about that one other title ( not Dinsaur Planet ) but the DK Racing.

    You think it ends with Rare think again. Golden Eye on the 360 got a remake/remaster. However there was literally this unreleased edition of the game. The game that perfected the N64 game in every way possible. Every other released painted Bond like the current actor who is playing him and not as the actor/game character featured in Golden Eye. The sad reality that is best port of the game so far outside of the Wii port that added some extras. I mean they added stuff but to be unreleased due is like a slap in the face.

    GoldenEye’s canceled Xbox 360 remake leaks online, and it’s playable - The Verge
    You could download it right now and it works real good via emulator ( which you have to be careful downloading as their are fake pages ).

    I still can play "Perfect Dark" and be like "wow". What I like are the enemies commentaries and action. You be like this is going to be date-rape in five seconds. Only thing that lived up to it was probably that Spy-game "No One Lives Tomorrow" 1+2+extra series, or even "Kingsmen" 1+2 which is as close as you could get to alternative Perfect Dark.
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    Yeah its more than just software compatibility. Warcraft before Microsoft's acquisition needed Direct X 12 when DX12 first came out. This is like 10 years ago or so. When the requirement came.

    The game was not doing anything over the top when this requirement came along and it was all to push consumers to newer tech. Its all over Microsoft games that they keep upping the arbitrary requirements for no real reason other than to generate more revenue.
    It meant that cards that could play the game perfectly fine at the time are exodus and the graphics didn't even warrant that at the time. Better performance for top end cards but eh the game is highly optimized always was.

    We have known for years that Blizzard was the money printer of its time generating gross values the highest seen for a sub based game.

    I recall when the DX12 thing happened and i recall at the time that they seemed to chummy almost like they are working behind the scenes to promote both Warcraft and DirectX at the same time sort of like Xbox Exclusives back in the day was to showcase the power of the Dreamacast 2(Classic Xbox).

    Slightly off topic yes i think the the first Xbox was really supposed to be the second Dreamcast but Bill shafted SEGA and took it all for himself.

    Sub models are back in this year entertainment is pushing to bring back sub based games.

    Overall Microsoft is pushing for wide net of generation in all sectors of its umbrella. Low and behold Microsoft could also been pump faking the stock of blizzard because it know in time it wanted to acquire that company in the future. Associate Direct X with the game and then down the line they own that game.

    The game already needed DX of course but when the requirement came it was news headlining putting the brand with the game.
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    Elderscrolls 6 will be dumb i think, i don't care i don't like the series past Oblivion anyway with 3 being my favorite and the most played its the one i really only play with Oblivion being less attractive but the lore is still good. The lore after that eh its gone down hill and is like a transgendered beast now.

    All these kids hyping it up well it will be shit. Because you need ABC and D and then sub 123 and xz1 and then @*&#^ to play it.

    I don't even own Skyrim but i played just enough of it that i know its shit. I also have spent years on the lore and the lore is shit past the Oblivion crisis. 3 has the best lore because of kirkbride but overall the depth of it is astounding if you know it well never to be replicated and i hope the never remaster that game because it will be a shell of former glory a masterpiece best left untouched.

    Doom is also stupid now the lore is arse in all the new games.
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