Why did Epsxe lose focus

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    windows 10 pro build 21h2

    Why did Epsxe lose focus

    I am using Epsxe 2.05 in Windows 10. https://i.imgur.com/KLYKaHJ.png is my video plug in settings. As you can see I am playing games in full screen mode. I added epsxe to steam so I can run Epsxe in Steam so I can use my 8bitdo controller in Epsxe.

    If a game is running in full screen and I press alt tab to go out of the game and then I press alt tab to go back to the game then the game becomes a square in the upper left corner. https://i.imgur.com/AkCy7aQl.png shows you what I mean.

    I have been playing a ps1 game in Epsxe for 1 week. All was ok. A few days ago the usb wire of the controller started to spoil so I used another usb wire.

    3 days after I changed the usb wire I was playing the ps1 game in full screen and then suddenly the game became a square in the upper left corner. Why did that happen? My guess is that something tried to steal focus from the game. Windows is exactly the same and nothing in Windows was changed since I first started playing the game. I checked the windows notifications in the lower right in the task bar and I saw a notification for a Windows advertisement popup. I am unsure if the popup showed while I was playing the game or it came before.

    I want to ask if a Windows advertisement popup came while I was playing a ps1 game in full screen then can that cause the game to become a square in the upper left corner? As I said nothing was changed in Windows and using a different usb wire shouldn't cause any problems.
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    Windows 10

    It depends on which version of ePSXe you are using. Maybe a problem with the

    WIth ePSXe you have to set the plugins up correctly, there are number of plugins being updated, for various versions. Remember
    this is a program that is able to run PSX games on a 100Mhz machine, with the right setup.

    or display itself.

    I forget what "Focus" means but all I know about that term is used with phones and apps floating/being displayed rather then other apps. On a phone your resolution does not change at all, and even if your HDMi adapter or smart-screen supports this mode it is not resident on the Phone ( Linux variant in most cases ).

    1. True Full-screen mode, where the operating system switches resolution. If this occurs and the display you are using does not support the mode it will show black or the OS, will even attempt to unload the program/app, or just display black and say something like "unsupported mode", or "no signal". This happens to me when I use

    Zsnes - In Zsnes you can even set to 200X400 resolutions, where an HDTV will fail but a dedicated display will not.
    Winamp 2-3??? - updates for this program has long gone since forever and is probably stuck on a early version OpenGL, or DirectX.

    Because the mode is unsupported by the display or even the operating system will have issues

    2. Full-screen on top mode, where the program/app loads on top of the mode already presented without changing the resolution
    currently set. Meaning it is more or less a Windows acting as a fullscreen, and only the program/app changes resolution not the entire machine/operating system.

    Yes I have encountered this problem, specifically with Gens ( Best MD/Genesis emulator ) but is no longer being updated, and thus when I attempt to load into fullscreen I get simular issues.
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