Is this Common? (Controller Callibration Question)

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    Is this Common? (Controller Callibration Question)

    Most of the time when you have a janky controller, perhaps all it needs is to be re-calibrated, and i've seen how windows handles its controller calibrations and all that, but for nearly every controller i've used with my desktop (at least 3), whenever i tried doing a calibration through windows own setup, and it tells me to touch the four corners with the left thumbstick or right thumbstick or whatever, i can never manage to get the little + symbol to touch the actual four corners, it always falls shy of it

    beyond just having janky controllers, is this common for nearly every controller that has some sort of calibration function, like the steam deck thumbsticks, the nintendo switch joycons, whatever other controller i missing that can do the thing, etc....?
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    Not sure but if they are working properly then i would not worry about it. Controllers are a mixed bag Most use Xinput but they can vary immensely over a sample of say 10 controllers.

    I am not a controller engineer but my assumption would be they would have a clamp function in the controllers driver that would limit the axis as to how far it can travel this is probably what you are seeing when you are pressing the dpad, this might vary between controller.

    There is no point for the axis to go +- infinity which will be a float number representation they would just clamp to a bounds because they only need to know that its moving one way or the other.
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    Well then, last question and depending on the answer(s) received, ill mark this as solved. My controller setup is as follows: Vigembus, hidhide, ds4 controller hooked into computer in bluetooth mode, ds4windows v3.2.10 (emulates the ds4 controller as a 360 controller), hidhide set to hide the ps4 controller so to avoid potential double input issues. The ds4 controller, when hooked into my system this way, is the only way for me to use it wirelessly, otherwise i need to use a usb cable. when i tried to calibrate the emulated 360 controller, and if i don't touch the left thumbstick during calibration, the + reticule zips around everywhere like someone playing with the gravity gun in GMOD (i could even hear the janky body impacts as well), is this normal for any controller, emulated or not?
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    if you can use steam input its for this purpose. Controllers that are not Xinput natively have a hard time with all sorts of issues Xinput is the common standard that was created for this purpose to generalize controllers as they have been a mixed bag for years and hard to implement because they vary so often.

    Steam Input uses SDL which has spent considerable work making controllers work and will make any controller into Xinput. Here is some info if you want to read over it.
    Resident Evil 5 doesn't load profiles with Twin USB Joypad - Windows 7 Forums

    - - - Updated - - -

    Malneb said:

    Was listening to this casually and ironically enough he talks about how hard it is for developers to code for Direct Input. This forum won't understand the timestamp in the embed but you can click to 30:50 and he sums it up.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Forgot about this as its something i never use so its not at the forefront but he also loosely alludes to Steam Input without saying it directly at some point in this video because it leverages SDL.

    Meaning If you are playing RE5 on Steam then you would want to use the built in Steam Input to handle your Direct input controller as Steam Input treats all controllers as a pseudo Xbox Xinput controller. Forget using the games config.ini and reset it to default values and use Steam Input instead, assuming you are playing this through Steam.
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