Hi all,
As the title says im experiencing lag spikes when im playing online games which include (Left 4 Dead 2,Tomb Raider Etc).My ping hovers around 70-90 but after about 20 seconds it jumps up to 180-300.This constantly happens.Now bear in mind that the current (Gaming) pc im using IS NOT using Windows 10 but Windows 8.1,the "Home" pc we have is currently using Windows 10.As i read other various posts from other sites like this:https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrac...ng_windows_10/
i've been thinking that our other pc using Windows 10 might be the culprit,so i tested online gaming while the Windows 10 computer was closed and puff! No lag spikes.

Does anyone know anything?Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you!