Does anyone know if there is a way to recover a TOR account that was merged with another Origin account?

Long story short: I had two Origin accounts. One I created when I bought Mass Effect 3, and the other one I didn't even realize I had. Apparently this one was created without my knowledge when I bought TOR years ago. I called Origin to have what I thought was the empty account deleted and they said they could just merge it with my main one. I figured they knew what they were doing, who was I to argue? Sure, I said.

Apparently the "empty" account was tied to my TOR account, and when it was merged my three TOR characters and expansions became inaccessible.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a way to recover the TOR account? I'm shocked they would offer to "merge" accounts without telling me it would delete characters and games. (How is that even considered a merger anyway?)

Any input would be appreciated.