What happens to graphics cards that doesnt support directx 12

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    eLPuSHeR said:
    In my opinion dx12 is just hype. Heh, 90% of current games are still using DX9. Yes, I have read elsewhere that there are some dx12 titles being released on 2016 but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    Remember Mantle? How many games do use it?

    DX12 isn't just hype, especially if you're a gamer. It's a low level API that will cause marked improvement.

    Yeah, I remember Mantle. I used it with Thief and my R9 280 that I had at the time. With Mantle on, I saw a 20+ FPS improvement in game. That's pretty significant.

    Mantle was AMD only though, whereas DX12 will be widely adopted, the same way that DX11, 10, 9 etc all were.

    Mantle off:
    What happens to graphics cards that doesnt support directx 12-imag0014.jpg
    Mantle on:
    What happens to graphics cards that doesnt support directx 12-imag0014-1-.jpg

    That's the difference that a low level API can make.
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    Basically the chipset of the card that has to support DirectX 12.
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    Traijan said:
    I don't know, wasn't Mantle an AMD GPU only thing? Isn't DX12 OS level so it is used between both AMD and Nvidia?
    Amd left mantle open to any and all that wanted to use it including Nvidia.

    The advantages of DX12 /Mantle/Vulcan are extraordinary to say the least.

    Going from 7-10,000 draw calls per second to 13-15 million is nothing short of a massive win for gamers.

    Let me put it to you this way, When you're GPU load says 100% that's a lie, It's about 10-20% of what the GPU can actually do. DX11 and below are single process only and can't do multiple streams of data. DX12 and there Ilk can send multiple streams of data depending on the number ACE paths to increase this work load.

    Maxwell gpu's from Nvidia were there first to include multiple ACE paths above 4 or 6, If I recall correctly they have 8 or 16 paths.
    AMD on the other hand have been including them for longer due to their work on mantle. 290x has around 32 ACE paths and the 7970 has 16. I'm not sure what the Fury has.

    All of a sudden those DX12 benchmarks are making sense yes? The reason AMD are seeing such a massive leap under DX12 is because of their work on mantle and building their GPU's for this change.

    DX12 will allow you to have more on screen at any one time by using those fun loving ACE paths to gain a major hike in actual physical performance that dx11 doesn't have access to.

    Right now you're data path looks like this 1--------1--------1--------1 (This is apparently 100% load under DX11) the blanks are ACE paths that can be used for compute load as well as other data streams just sat there doing nothing The 1's you see are the only paths that DX11 can use, Under DX12 or Mantle that data path becomes this 111111111111111111111111....see where it's going?

    The API is also more efficient as well aside from the above hardware differences.

    Why do you think some are so hyped about Async shader tech that has been around for years but DX11 can't use...

    This shift away from single threaded API's is game changer for everyone. You get more performance while requiring less hardware.

    Now OP as to what will happen to you're older GPU.

    That entirely depends on the software vendor.
    Singularity is likely to be the first of many DX12 games to come out and I believe it launches this year. It will support at least DX11 and also DX12.

    I can tell you that parts of that game look very different under DX12, specifically the amount of units visible on screen, and there traces from the fighting are all there where in DX11 they are not.

    This year they are all supporting both next year once the gains are seen to be just too good and the sooner they can drop support for DX11 the better for them.
    The reason is this, You build a game that can run smooth as silk with 30,000 components on screen for DX12 all with there own moving bits and bobs making it more like 300,000 components and you look at you're masterpiece in awe and wonder.
    Those that play it in DX12 will see this.
    Those that play it in DX11 will see a fraction of that, possibly a barren wasteland with a few things dotted about instead.

    Some companies are already ditching DX11 for all future games. That should tell you just how much they value the difference.
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    jds63 said:
    Seems like if your a gamer, then this is a concern mostly for you only.Unless will be with graphic software.
    It is likely to make it's way to graphics software as well as video encoding and rendering in short order.

    The gains are just to great for them to ignore.
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    Traijan said:
    I don't know, wasn't Mantle an AMD GPU only thing? Isn't DX12 OS level so it is used between both AMD and Nvidia?
    You are right. I have heard DX12 will even allow you to use an AMD/nVidia card simultaneously.
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    eLPuSHeR said:
    You are right. I have heard DX12 will even allow you to use an AMD/nVidia card simultaneosly.
    I'll repeat this here, Mantle was open to all that wanted to use it.

    Nvidia chose not to use it.

    Not the same as Nvidia not being able to use it.
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