I've been trialling Xbox Game Pass for PC for evaluating FS2020 for the past two months and I've not really used it due to time constraints. So I thought I'd go in and cancel it tonight before I get charged again in two days time as they advise you to do this 2 days before the charge is due for the following month. I now find what should be a straightforward clean operation is now becoming a time consuming exercise in frustration. I log into my account and select the subscription 'Xbox Game Pass for PC' I want to cancel via the 'Manage' option and when I go to 'Cancel subscription' I'm taken to a screen with the option 'Turn off recurring billing' which when I click I'm continually getting this screen below on both Chrome and Edge.

Neither on this screen am I offered an option to call a MS agent, Chat online with their support nada, nothing. I did suggest to the support operative they take a leaf from Google in how they manage their data centres when I did manage to contact them. But only after having jumped through the many hurdles they put in your way as they don't really want to talk to you I find out...

"there is a general issue, and the server are down right this moment and the team is working to resolve it as soon as possible, please try later and everything will.be working fine."

Unable to unsubscribe Xbox Game Pass: Try that again error-microshite.png

With all the money MS makes one would have thought redundancy would have been built in that this would not happen. Maybe MS should employ the services of Google to manage their data. The number of complaints from people trying to download and install FS2020 is or was huge. Not what you'd expect.

In the end I had to give up and cancel the subscription from the Paypal end