What's your favorite pc - Console game of all time

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  1. Bree's Avatar
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    10 Home x64 (20H2) (10 Pro on 2nd pc)

    It has to be Elite on the BBC Micro in 1984.

    Revolutionary 3D graphics and completely open-ended game play.... all on an 8-bit machine.

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  2. Pejole2165's Avatar
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    Elite on the Amstrad 6128 (I think), came with a cassette drive to load games and a book of Basic with a simple Star Trek game to program in (even more basic looking than Elite), RoboCod on the Amiga 600 and The Settlers and Star Wars Dark Forces on PC.
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  3. sygnus21's Avatar
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    Posted this back in 2014 at the sevenforums; it pretty much still stands for me....

    sygnus21 said:
    When I first started PC gaming I started in First Person Shooters (FPS). From that respect (and this is outside of your last five years criteria) for me, my all-time favorites are:

    • Unreal – The graphics in this game were ahead of their time. The first time I saw moving sky in a game was here. To this day I always check out the sky in a game as it shows a level of attention to detail. Also loved the story of the lone survivor of a downed ship on another planet. This game made you think as it was well balanced with puzzle based as well as action packed missions or tasks. This game looked beautiful with 3Dfx and Glide. It had a killer soundtrack which is still sort after today. NO... I ain't selling mine.

    • Bioshock (first one) – I love the story line here. This game is more about a story than an action packed game and it works very well here. I absolutely love the way atmosphere, environment, graphics, and music come together to tell its story. This is one of the best I’ve seen to date.

    • Far Cry (first one) – Action, jungle science, great story, graphics, weapon's sound, environment. This and Half-Life 2 has some of the best weapon’s sounds in a game.

    • F.E.A.R. (the first one) – This game definitely game me the jumps and kept my attention. I don’t know how many times Alma made me jump when least expected. You actually felt like you were there, fear and all. Great game.

    • Dead Space (first one) – Like Fear, kept my attention and gave me the jumps as well. Additionally the atmospheric and environmental sounds of this game was one of the best in sound effects. Everywhere you went you had stuff falling or moving and never knew when something was about to happen. The fear factor was very well done in this game.

    Atmosphere in this case being when everything fits and comes together to enhance the story and environment. This is the time period, style, look and feel, even the music and environment. Environment is simply the conditions of the period the game is set in. Example Bioshock where the art deco style of Ryan’s city, also shows the decay and destruction of a city being fought over for control. This is a city where Andrew Ryan’s creed is "A man creates. A parasite asks, where is my share?" Somehow you feel and see that creed throughout the game as you fight to survive a city gone mad through the use of genetic enhancements.

    Anyway I can’t really see too many FPS games of today supplanting those classics but that said, my last five years I’ll go:

    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut - I love this game, the story, as well as game play. I like the fact that you can build your character for a multitude of play styles and I usually use stealth, mixed with kill everything and explore. I also like the fact that some missions are puzzle based which is a bonus. I’ve played this game at least 3 times and will probably play it again.

    • Dishonored – Like Deus Ex, I’ve play this a number of times. This another of those games with a great story. The graphics here are pretty good and the gameplay is outstanding. You can challenge yourself anytime by completing the game, mission or task in complete stealth without being noticed or killing anyone, or at least as few as possible. And depending on your overall kill status, affects the game's ending. Great, great, game. The DLC here completes the story as you get different perspectives with each of the two releases.

    • Bioshock Infinite – Though nowhere near the caliber of Bioshock 1 in terms of story, the game play is outstanding and the atmosphere and graphics were outstanding.

    • Borderlands (first one) – Yeah I know there’s probably more enjoyment in play multi vs. SP, but I really loved the graphical look of this game with made me enjoy it a lot.

    With that I’d say a good game is one in which you thoroughly enjoyed and would be happy to play again, and again.

    My two cents.
    Ah, the good old days of gaming
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  4. johngalt's Avatar
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    Windows 10 build 2004

    I was hemming and hawing over this - until I opened Steam and noticed this:

    I have over 288 hours logged in to Skyrim. I have 193 logged in to Cyberpunk 2077.

    Then I opened EA Origin and saw that:

    I have 368 hours logged in to Dragon Age: Inquisition and 179 hours in NFS: Most Wanted (2012) (missing stats from a few older games that are also in my EA Origin account).

    I checked UbiSoft Connect and I saw that:

    I have 175 hours logged in to Watch Dogs 2 and 109 in Watch Dogs: Legion (no stats on the original WD, which I've played a bunch).

    But the 'winner' of this endeavor?

    Mass Effect 3 in EA Origin, with a whopping 1054 hours played (not a joke). I do love that game. A lot. And as for go to games, that and Skyrim are probably my top 2 favs, although the older NFS: Shift 2: Unleashed and the original GRID are some games I really put some time into.

    Other than that - uhhh, spades and Gin Rummy.
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  5. sygnus21's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (x64) 20H2 (19042.906)


    I've got 540.5 in Skyrim, plus 6.5 in the special edition.

    I've got 157 in Cyberpunk, but I've been playing it slow - I started the game when it was first released and still haven't met Hanako at Embers yet. I have the mission, just haven't went there yet as I'm finishing up some other quests. And as I said, I'm slow playing the game, sometimes taking days weeks off without touching it

    I've played all 3 Dragon Age games at least twice; all 3 Mass Effect games 3 times. Only ran through the Dead Space games once.

    johngalt said:
    But the 'winner' of this endeavor?

    Mass Effect 3 in EA Origin, with a whopping 1054 hours played (not a joke). I do love that game.
    I guess I should add Mass Effect as my all time trilogy favorite. I also love the series. In fact I plan on getting the Mass Effect Legendary Edition when its release in May. Also played Mass Effect Andromeda... twice

    Speaking of Mass Effect, there's supposed to be a new one coming....

    No official dates so....
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  6. johngalt's Avatar
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    Windows 10 build 2004

    Yup - I truly enjoyed the series, and plan on continuing on - I even have Andromeda, though I've not put near as much time into that one, yet.

    I do plan to get into legendary edition, as well, but it may wait a bit - I played a lot of time in Diablo II also, but it was standalone for many, many years. so I can't account for all the time there - but I'm stoked about the DII remaster also.
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  7. sygnus21's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (x64) 20H2 (19042.906)

    Never played Diablo.

    Yeah Mass Effect Andromeda was ok, but its nowhere near what the Mass Effect trilogy was/is.

    As for the Legendary Edition, I just hope they fixed some of the game breaking bugs that's plagued Mass Effect 2 where the game tends to hard crash at times, In particular on Illium, after the Observer mission for Liara.
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  8. johngalt's Avatar
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    Windows 10 build 2004

    Only time will tell, I suppose. Though it's been a minute and I don't remember those bugs (if I even ever encountered them).

    My first real forays into video games (other than the cartridges that came with my TI 99-4/A that is) was probably Wolfenstein. But as soon as Diablo II came out I got it and started playing, and that was my real introduction to gaming. Well, that and one of the early NFS games. I'm a sucker for racing games.
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  9. sygnus21's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (x64) 20H2 (19042.906)

    johngalt said:
    Only time will tell, I suppose. Though it's been a minute and I don't remember those bugs (if I even ever encountered them).
    It's pretty much a well known issue.... Google "illium hard crash bug mass effect 2"

    I didn't have it at first, but after adding some DLC it started popping up. Some think it has to do with either or both the Kasumi Stolen Memory DLC and/or the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. I've got all the DLC for all the games.
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  10. johngalt's Avatar
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    Windows 10 build 2004

    It's entirely possible I ran into it - but it's been so long.... lol.

    I have all the DLC for 2 and 3 also. Have to check if I do for the original....
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