So I noticed this when right after I downloaded Windows 10 that when I alt-tab from video games on fullscreen and alt-tab back in, my cursor will read slightly to the left of where it actually is on the screen. What I've noticed when I alt-tab is that all my maximized windows on the desktop are also shrunk about as much as my cursor is off while in game.

System Spec

Computer type:PC/Desktop
OS:Windows 10
CPU:AMD FX 6300 6core
Motherboard:MSI 970 Gaming
Graphics Card(s):AMD Radeon 7700

I am also using the AMD Catalyst Control Center program to make my desktop fit on screen, as I'm using a 32inch Samsung flat screen as my monitor at the moment. Resolution set at 1920x1080.

If you need any other information at all, I'll try my best to get it to you. Hopefully someone has an answer or at least an explanation!