HP Pavilion 15 (bc516ns) crashes while gaming

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    Windows 10 v1909

    HP Pavilion 15 (bc516ns) crashes while gaming


    I have a HP Pavilion 15-bc516ns, Windows 10 v1909 (18363.900) installed yesterday having previously deleted all and every partition of the SSD. I installed the drivers from HERE (audio, chipset, graphics and network), and after that I connected to internet to let Windows Update do the rest. My BIOS version is up to date.

    I've been having this problem for more than a month, with many windows fresh installs, and even send this laptop to HP support. They said there was a problem with the GPU, and replaced the motherboard. Still, the same issue persist. They refuse to give software support because the laptop was sold with FreeDOS and not Windows.

    HP test suite (HP PC Hardware Diagnostics) showed no hardware problems, yet an OCCT 3D test running on the GTX 1650 detected errors after no more than 5 minutes. I've been able to run it for more than 2 hours with no errors detected after I underclocked both core and memory clocks by -100MHz with MSI Afterburner.
    With this "stable" frequencies, I played Black Mesa for about 1 hour, before I got the crashes I've always had. I attach the events logged in the time between the crash happened and the PC came back to normal.
    I haven't installed this time Payday 2 or Borderlands, but they were causing the same issues after some minutes of play. I've even had these crashes watching Discord streams.

    Any help, hint, advice is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,
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    @d344 -

    Welcome to Windows Ten Forums!

    I would perform a clean install on the SSD of W10, then let it PNP any drivers.
    Only then, after checking that all is well, would I go to HP's website with your service tag and download any additional drivers that you would need, one at a time.
    Then test and go to the next download.

    Clean Install Windows 10

    Don't touch the GPU, make sure that all BIOS settings are at default.

    Post back with your results.


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    Hello Compumind,

    Thanks for the reply and the welcome.

    I've tried, from a clean install, to let windows automatically download the drivers, but it's the same outcome. After that I've also used HP Support Assistant, to check if all drivers were up to date, which was the case.
    I've also tried (actual case), again from a clean install, to install all drivers from HP, and after that connected to Internet and let windows do the updates.

    I checked the link you posted, in case I was missing something, but that's the procedure I'm taking on every windows install.

    Correct me if I'm wrong: You are suggesting to clean install, let windows update, and when it finishes, install all and every driver from HP, even if it "overwrites" the drivers that were installed by windows some moments before? That I haven't tried, and I'll give a shot... But what happens if the drivers downloaded from HP are older than the ones installed by windows? I'm asking that because I remember seeing NVIDIA driver version 441.xx when I used the HP installer, but it went to version 442.xx after windows update. And I made sure I downloaded the latest versions from HP.

    I didn't change anything important in the BIOS, because I just can't. The only things it allows to modify is boot order, enable/disable virtualization, function keys, lan wake-up, fans and TMP (hidden or visible).

    Best regards
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    You cannot mess around with a Laptop and drivers and expect to gain anything. Limited cooling and so forth means TDP limitations, alter those and it gets you in to deep trouble.
    As you have found out limited options in the UEFI/BIOS, there are good reasons for that.

    HP only support the OS it is sold with. It is up to you to support Windows 10 yourself or MS depending on what your license is.
    The Nvidia graphics is integrated on the MOBO.

    The crashes are likely due to overheating somewhere, you need to check that.

    Intensive Stress tests are over the top for a Laptop, such things are for higher powered Desktop Graphics Cards. Likewise MSI Afterburner.
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    Hello Helmut,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't like playing with drivers, but I don't know why with things this laptop aren't working as expected even though I followed the same installations steps I did for many other desktops and laptops and never had an issue.

    I'm aware that there are many good reasons to give the user a really basic BIOS. And I don't complain, I have no real business to do there.

    HP sold this laptop with FreeDOS, that's why I'm looking for help here. I've spent many hours reading in internet, without success, before asking for help here.

    I took photos of the hardware as soon as I got the laptop, and I can verify that the actual MOBO has different markings, so I'm pretty confident I'm now running a new MOBO and highly likely new CPU and GPU as well.

    The first thing I suspected were temps, but I've been running HWiNFO in my second monitor, with graphs all around the place. When the crashes occur, I don't see any really high temps, nor temps spikes. They are stable at these values:
    CPU ~80șC, GPU ~75șC, PCH ~70șC, SSD ~50șC

    The strange thing is I even had these crashes without gaming or having the laptop under load. It has happened while coding in Visual Studio Code and having Firefox opened. The temps under this load are around:
    CPU ~45șC, GPU ~45șC, PCH ~63șC, SSD ~45șC

    I just want to know what the problem is, whether its hardware fault, bad drivers, hardware not able to withstand my demands, an incompetent user, etc. Only then I'll be able to take the proper actions.

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