Hi guys

Having a massive issue with my ASUS FX504GM gaming laptop. I am aware gaming laptops can sometimes not be as ideal as desktops but I needed a laptop for travel purposes.

The issue i have is weither i am running the first Witcher game or the Fallen order star wars, from low level graphic to high level graphics i get roughly 30mins gameplay on it before the entire device freezes up and locks me out of everything!

To start with i thought it was a heat issue, so I have brought a laptop stand so it gets cool air supply, a cooling pad so has air forced into it and an external fan designed to suck the air out of the laptop, as well as changing the thermal paste. All of these were tried individually and together and even though the temp of the CPU and GPU has dropped from high 70's to mid 60's it still freezes up.

ive made sure everything on windows, Nividia and Intel are all up to date, don e afull system anti virus scan, all my bios and hardware etc all up to date, Ieven upgraded the RAM from 8gh to 16gb and made sure the game i was playing was on the SSD. Still same issue.

I do not have only the bare essential programs running in the back ground, and the only peripherals connected to the laptop are a mouse and a headset.

I even took it to a repair shop today, they assumed they have fixed the issue and that the gpu melted some solder next to it and connected two things that should not be connected ( im doubt full this did anything at all if even true to be fair).

Any advice?