Hi, I have a virtual machine running the latest windows 10 so I can stream my Xbox one to my mac. I installed the latest drivers for the controller from the Microsoft website successfully(Connecting an Xbox One Wireless Controller to a PC | Xbox One Accessories
), but when I plug my controller in and start streaming my game, it says "This PC isn't connected to an Xbox controller. Attach one and try again". Also when I plug my controller in, windows will make the device connected sound, but then every about 20 seconds the controller disconnects and reconnects in an instant. The Xbox app never recognizes the controller even though I've tried 4 different micro-usb cables in my USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. I can play my games briefly in the next room over without the controller connected to my PC, because the controller can connect wirelessly to the Xbox one, but it loses connectivity every 30 seconds or so. My question is....how can I get my PC to recognize the controller when I stream my Xbox one? Is there any way to disconnect my Xbox one controller from my Xbox one, so that it won't automatically connect, and so the PC has to have the controller connected? Thanks for any future help!!!