Hi, I have a somewhat complex question.

I am trying to force Nvidia GameStream (lets call it "GS" from now on) to start on my secondary monitor.
I've read on the Nvidia forum that it can't be done, and have tried to tinker with it myself. No luck so far. I will try to note my use cases, and try to explain them a little bit, maybe someone can think of a workaround.

I have a multi monitor setup (as mentioned above). The first issue I have is that games that are using GS can only start on the primary screen. This is a no-no for me for several reasons. I will try to keep it simple for now.

1. My primary screen "LG" has the fully featured task bar, and all apps start on that screen. I want to preserve this behavior for that screen.

2. My secondary screen (extended display) is an HDMI headless dongle, in other words, its not a display, but a display emulator. It's sole purpose is to be used as a display for GS, while my LG display should be available for usage simultaneously.

More complex explanation:
My goal is to use Aster, a multiseat software to separate workloads on one PC. To stream a game that is running on the GS display somewhere remotely (to my living room TV), AND be able to use the LG display as a standalone work space.
Aster itself works beautifully when you have two or more normal displays and allows for several independent work spaces on one PC. But when you throw Nvidia GS into the mix, things start to become complex, and I was not able to setup everything I wanted. The main reason is that GS forces me to start games on the Windows primary display. Meaning that if I would reorder by displays to make the LG as a secondary display, I would have a hard time use the primary monitor for anything, as it's not an actual display.

Any help would be appreciated.