share gaming tweaks and chec my comprehensive list will blow your mind

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    Windows 10

    share gaming tweaks and chec my comprehensive list will blow your mind

    BEST GAMING TWEAK EVER 7.DRIVERShello i don't play games anymore, at least much, because it is pointless.
    I want to share my comprehensive list of tweaks, you don't have to be afraid, that it will damage something, if it would i would let you know and always backup your system, for example aomei backupper is fine.
    Make one change per time for some more important tweaks, so you know if it helped, or not and if you like that change.
    Especially if you are new to gaming, this will save you a lot of time and trouble!
    About me: i was obsessed with input lag, i played starcraft 2 in masters league and cs go in supreme master class, because software devs are incompetent and without tweaks, games are just not playable... I can discern 6 ms input lag, on blur busters forum there is utility, inputlag ab test - Blur Busters Forums • View topic - Input lag AB test
    If you wanna go really hardcore, you can buy 1000fps camera and learn how to test it, or just go with how it feels.
    Always read, there are great guides, on steam, and 3dguru.
    Why i am doing this guide ? From boredom.

    Table of Contents:
    1.Monitor setting
    2.Nvidia control panel
    3.Bios setting
    5.Windows services - UPDATE 5 12 19
    6.Hardware - UP 5 12 19
    7.Drivers ------------------- UPDATE 7/15/19 - best gaming tweak ever !!!!!!!! ------------------------------------- UPDATE 9.10.2019
    8.Network card
    9.In game setting + mouse
    Update 1: 10. Games
    11. Ideas
    Update 7/15/19P
    UPDATE 12. BONUS NEW!: Build your own gaming pc in terms of cost/performance and low input lag

    1.Monitor setting:

    BTW ASUS VG248QE best gaming cheap monitor

    -if your monitor has sharpness setting, you should put that to 0%, it adds lag
    -make sure to disable ddc/ci add input lag aswell(if you don't need it for anything)
    -use display port, it has smoother move imho, but dvi seems faster, test yourself
    -you can even overclock monitors today, learn how to do it on cru forums and check your model, how much it can go and get advice for timmings, human eye can see even 1/250 fps, it was proven you need at least 180 fps to see enemy character, when moving camera quickly, from experience even 144hz isn't enough when looking around fast, which is absolutely cruical in fps
    -tft central best monitor resource site

    If you interested in low monition blur and have this monitor vg248qe, or some benq models check for app: strobelight ultra low motion blur on blurbusters forums, but it adds input lag for cost of reducing motion blur.

    2.Nvidia drivers and Control Panel

    -don't use nvidia experience and install only drivers don't install hd sound, if you don't need it!!!
    -always use 1 pre-rendered frame, adding 1 pre-rendered frame, increases input lag about 1 frame depends on your monitor refresh rate and fps
    -see for each setting what it does and choose by your preference
    -never use vsync, hope you know it, some people play with it...
    -even G-Sync adds lag, if you have 144 monitor and reach 144+ fps it turns off anyways, because there is no point to it and it adds lag
    -never use under adjust desktop size and position fullscreen, instead use no scalling, it adds extreme amount of lag, and also use monitor scalling instead of gpu scalling, if you don't have gpu as option, there was some workaround and something with utility to access how it calls that file which lists windows available resolutions for your monitor edid i think: it calls cru, google that on their forums
    -if you have decent cpu, switch physics to cpu, gpu resources can be freed for more fps
    -download nvidia inspector and select game, google for frame rate limiter mode, for some games like pubg it helped with input lag and also disable dpi scalling under game's compability tab
    -also check out in nvidia inspector, that game is using single performance mode for single monitor
    -some games benefit from having shader cache off
    -Nvidia mod said disabling nvidia container service makes application profiles not working, but i tested it with vsync on and off and i certainly had less lag, but it could corcern only some setting, if you don't want risk it keep it on, otherwise disable telemetry service.

    3.Bios setting

    -update your bios blablabla
    -disable everything you don't need
    -check your temperatures, buy decent cooler, disable all c states - which throttles your cpu and eist and thermal throttling, you have to do research based on what you find in bios, never use turbo, only if you can't overclock on your mother board !
    -disable hyper threading, some games benefit greatly from this, if you have enough cores
    -if you have locked overclocking, you can try disable everything except, hyper-threading, turbo and eist and than disable idle saver in windows and you cpu will oveclock slightly, or bios mods
    -this guy provides a lot of useful changes to bios, which reduce input lag: Gaming and mouse response BIOS optimization guide for modern PC hardware - - An Overclocking Community
    -btw even ram reduce input lag, you can try overlock them, specifically reduce cl latencies and such, changing ram timmings shouldn't damage your ram, only cause instability, even corrupting ram shouldn't be possible by doing this. But i am not 100% sure. I myself had problem with corrupted ram after doing that. Don't do that if you don't know what you are doing!!! But if they warranted you can reclaim them so you are fine.

    For people with non K cpu, or locked multiplier or motherboard, there are experienced modders, which can do bios mods for you, there should be small risk they will break your bios and if you have instabilities, you can flash back. Also if your mobo is warranted you could reclaim it. Also look out for socket mods, when cpu has locked overclocking, or it can fit into another socket.

    control panel/system/advanced setting/performance:
    Disable every feature you can see, these options adds so much lag, except smooth windows fonts edges
    -i have utility clear type switch, to disable quickly clear type when playing, it would be possible to make some script and activate it by hotkey, or more advanced in c++ to detect when application running
    -timer resolution utility, decreases input lag, windows should be already set for 0.5 ms not sure and there was some article, that you shouldn't force it upon applications and let them choose, however it can reduce input lag greatly and not break anything, it simply allows windows to update data to the application faster, this reduces greatly input lag
    -disable dynamic tick, it makes your mouse accelerate like enhance pointer precision
    -if you have 16 cores, you can select cores, which will manage interrupts and select affinity for your game on cores which are completely unused for lowest latency,
    It calls Interrupt_Affinity_Policy_Tool, however there is something you have to lookup in registry and counter-intuitive, i didn't do that myself i don't have enough cores to reserve specific for dpc only.
    There is microsoft doc about that:
    Also there is question how much cores you want for interrupt affinity for gpu, network card etc. If you aren't hardware expert, it is not easy to find info about this and infer how much you should set, you can test multiple setting and try if it feels better and use latencymon to monitor dpc latencies
    -this one is important in regedit under Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse for SmoothMouseXCurve and SmoothMouseYCurve delete all entries and it will show zero-lenght binary value, this is from intelimouse times, when mice had only 400 dpi and you have to use software sensitivity, which creates pixel skipping and mouse cursor jumping, so smoothing was important to smooth mouse movement, however in today times it only induces lag, you can find default values under HKEY_USERS to change it back if you don't like it, but it takes while to adapt to it and than you profit!
    -go to device manager and under hid-compliant mouse and keyboard and all hid devices double click and disable use this device to wake up computer
    -i somewhere read you shouldn't use usb root hub, but than frontal usb ports won't work if you disable it
    -POWER MANAGEMENT: you should use ultimate gaming performance for lowest input lag, however make sure your cpu is not overheating first! Go to cmd run as admin and paste:"powercfg -attributes SUB_PROCESSOR 5d76a2ca-e8c0-402f-a133-2158492d58ad -ATTRIB_HIDE"
    than in power options under ultimate gaming performance appear new option disable idle saver, this will keep your cpu constantly at 100% in c0 state, only use if you have low enough temperature, find on intel your maximum allowed temperature
    -also under ultimate performance profile, set under usb setting disable power savings, otherwise everything from default is fine here, maybe turn disk after x minutes set to 0
    -also download process lasso, but make sure you are in mood to set it, you can select when to activate ultimate performance mode + disable idle saver and when you are in windows pc can be in power saving or what ever, means it switch on/off after specific application is launched, i guess some c++ program, or script could do same, but it takes some work
    -also cpu park utility from same company is useful, if you run cpu in constantly c0 state, it is not needed, not sure, but i think so, you can check if you cpu being parked in performance manager, or this utility
    -install easy tune from gigabyte to tweak cpu fan curve, to have cpu silent in windows, or any other program
    -under game icon, you can try check disable fullscreen optimizations
    -page file: you can keep it on hdd, to prevent wearing ssd off, it is almost never used and has no impact on performance

    5.Windows services

    -disable what you can( for what you can safely disable), services which cause literally input lag are hid and dwm
    UPDATE 5 12 19: This guide works: Is it worth disabling DWM Desktop Composition for good performance in borderless windowed games? : Windows10


    -use top usb 2 ports for mouse and keyboard
    -disable usb3, if you can't live without it
    -install latencymon - usb drivers doesn't support msi-x multicore support for handling isr and dpc interrupts and cause a lot of dpc interrupts, someone fixed it by disabling something in bios, or changing usb ports
    -download msi util and select gpu, network card should be selected and select sound drivers, carefull, i have 2 here and if you select wrong one, you won't boot up, check id which it says in bottom and than find you sound card in device manager
    -never use pci-e cards, tremendous amount of input lag, if you don't mind of course, like pci-e ssd
    -disable hd audio in sound tab in control panel, use sampling 44100hz, more adds input lag!!! don't forget to check when you select your speakers in menu and click configure, than in setup select left and right for full spectrum sound!!!
    - 5 12 19: disabling hyper threading can help for some games: e.g. sc2

    UPDATE 7/15/19: DPC LATENCY AND ISR description:
    Your drivers generate dpc latency and interrupts, when you move mouse for example.
    What it does ? It tells cpu it has to stop all the work and focus on device which sent them. E.g. mouse,gpu, it is very important for cpu to address these devices first, for fluent experient,on some older slower pc, or old drivers it goes to the level you can see stuttering , or sound cracking..

    I though i will never find better tweak, because i obssesivelly read 10k pages and know it all, except mainly depends how game is coded and i can't change that even if i knew how, which is frustrating.

    To that tweak, this is BEST TWEAK EVER I GUARANTEE YOU:
    (UDPATE 9.10.2019 : this is supposedly old regedit tweak from windowsNT times, but there is extensive about this on overclockers:
    USB polling precision - - An Overclocking Community It tested it with software included and it really lowered time in which polls from mouse are handled. Plus I tested it how it feels and it did really lower input lag a lot, but mouse was somewhat heavier than with unspecified interrupt priority. Still not sure what i like best, i always go what feels better, i advice you to do same. However talked to support from latencymon, which is program for professional to monitor interrupt execution times. And said affinity policy from regedit can be completely ignored on hardware level - chipset etc. What concerns interrupt priority control in windows i don't know yet, because i tested it with software and yet i feelt more responsive. Btw there is software with which you can test yourself how much inputlag you can tell: Blur Busters Forums View topic - Input lag AB test I can tell up to 6 ms on 400 dpi and 1000hz. Even if you wasn't exactly sure it probably affects you, in that overclocker thread is that you could tell even up to 50us time of handling mouse polls.)

    priority control for irq, can reduce input lag drastically like pre rendered frames... basically go to regedit and paste this to address field: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\PriorityControl
    win+r and write msinfo32, first menu hardware composition or something. Find your irq for the mouse,(this can be tricky, since it is your controller and you can have more than once. I recommend to plug mouse which works in ps/2 and disable all controllers and test when your mouse stop working,
    MAKE SURE U HAVE working ps/2 mouse before you do that, otherwise you won't be able use your pc !Than put into that registry location IRQ#Priority, when # is your irq channel reset and test it out, value 1,2 and so on 1 highest priority.
    Your mouse movement should be instantenuos, i am currently on va panel with a lot of input lag and it feels amazing, i couldn't accurately click unit in the game, because my mouse cursor was slow, now it is almost perfect.

    IMPORTANT: Some users having good experience with puting cmos on 1 and than graphic card on 2, test first 2 values and and different order. I have great experience puting my cmos to 1, ehci controller to 2 (usb mouse) and graphics to 3.

    Next test when your mouse polls are updated by windows: donwload this
    MouseTester Software - - An Overclocking Community read first, someone say it is virus, but i don't think so and on github you can download source code.
    Read instructions and than open section interval vs time, there should be update time on the left in ms, like 0.005, which is 5 us and there should be blue dots and than small curved line which shows how fast your polls was process by system, i had previously up to 5 us or something and now i have constant line.
    Which doesn't make much sense, because i couldnt probably notice, but i do, also my mouse is much more accurate.

    If you don't feel it, than i recommend you to refer to this guide for msi-x and how to set power profile + update your bios if needed and test all your drivers in latency mon and search for bios configuration, some features add latency...

    go to this site for more info and tweaks USB polling precision - - An Overclocking Community and this is that program for testing polling rate and more MouseTester Software - - An Overclocking Community
    -never use realtek audio drivers, holly lag !!! [EXCEPT if you experience low fps during sounds] - in cs go outdated sound drivers may cause fps drops
    -also sata drivers may cause lag, but you will experience very slow copying speed
    -intel engine management, or how it calls, omg laaaaaag , tho some people had problems not having these installed, so test this out
    -if you have razer mouse: never install razer synapse, if you uninstalled and experience lag, check this:Razer Insider | Forum - input lag persist after razer synapse uninstallation
    In case of any driver installed, mouse drivers are poorly coded and usually best are default windows drivers, you can test it with and without, make sure you have under mouse/hardware/events msmouse.inf and mouhid, any other entries check, if it is not from you mouse driver vendor, even after driver software uninstallation, drivers from mouse vendor can stay in your computer and it is difficulty to remove them: try pnputil and delete all drivers in windows drive store, with similar name, for example razer drivers has rz included in their name. I successfully was able to delete them from windows driver store and get rid of them, because they were installing back upon removal...
    use autohotkey, or program for macros, but autohotkey can be like for very advanced users and even than, there is not maybe solution to some things, some razer mice, will remember their setting after driver uninstallation, razer deathadder elite surprisingly not, when chroma i think did
    -if you have logitech mouse, logitech drivers are fine, but check you have smoothing off
    -you can find your ehci controller, there should be 2, one is useless you can try disable that, but first use ps/2 mouse

    8.Network card

    -disable power saving
    -navigate to for comprehensive guide

    9.In game setting + mouse
    -if there is resolution scaling, use 99%, it doesn't degrade quality that much and it lowers input lag
    -always put everything to lowest possible setting, especially anti-aliasing adds a lot of lag and ambient occlusion, you can find usually balance between performance and quality, or to prefer maximum perfomance
    -never change mouse sensitivity from 1.00 it interpolates data and pixel skipping occurs and can create lag
    -don't use raw input in all games, in some games it induce smoothing like csgo and if you don't have acceleration, there is not need, however it may add input lag, because data travels through windows and not straight from mouse
    -if you play old games check MarkC_Windows_8+7_MouseAccelFix, however it will change smoothing curve in registry and it adds lag, it is only meant for oldschool games like broodwar, cs 1.6, it contains registry for restoring it to default

    MOUSE SENSOR AND SENSITIVITY: Buy only mice with optical sensors, which have no acceleration. Don't buy junk mice, which invites you with cheap price, there are some cheap today and good like zowie, best brand no shitt1 drivers. Always set dpi on mouse, in game 1.0, use raw input, but if you don't have acceleration no need probably, in some games raw input, introduce lag, or smoothing, test it out. Best sensitivity 800 dpi on fullhd, if you think it is low, try to get used to it, you will understand why, you get better fast. I still use 500hz polling, because 1000hz captures even smallest mouse moves and it is difficult to do small adjustments, you can try 1000hz, or 2k and lower mouse sensitivity even more. Some pros play like on 400-500 dpi, or 700.

    I will certainly recall more, so check it later again maybe, but it this is like 90% i know i guess.

    Update 1:

    -Windows color profile[it makes a lot of difference] - if you have profile for your monitor, you can try use that and compare it with scRGB under WCS device profiles, (custom profile makes flux not work, but there are alternatives), you can check if your monitor has windows color profile, or remove default icc profile and check use my setting for this device helps, default icc profile is worst certainly. It is possible to even create yours, but that would require probably expert knowledge about color profiles and some equipment, so if you was literally obsessed with input lag, could test it with 1000fps camera and even small reduction of input lag can scale, for example timer resolution, i don't know how i would describe it
    -DWM[matters a lot, major tweak!!!] - it is probably not idea to disable it permanently, you could run to errors, i though you could turn that on/off with something like bat file, i have no idea how windows drivers and dwm work, someone on superuser told me that have temporarysolution, i will update this once i test it..
    This didn't work for me, but can for you: dwm
    Temporarily disable Desktop Composition in Windows 10? - Super User

    IF YOU DON'T WANNA DISABLE THIS READ THIS: BECAUSE GAME WILL WORK ONLY WINDOWED MODE WHICH MAY CAUSE FPS DROPS, YOU CAN GO TO GPEDIT/WINDOWS COMPONENTS and under desktop window composition disable everything, it helps reduce lag, cs go pros were disabling this in windows 7 along apprearances, this help reduce bit lag.

    -windows appearance: "user mask"[minimal but discernible] - regedit dword or some registry entry called"user mask", it is located under current user/control panel/desktop, if you put instead some value all zeroes, it can lower input lag, it is related to windows appearance, which you change in gui, but not all, i tested in last time in windows 7 and bars and overlay looked even uglier and it reduced input lag

    10. Games
    - if you play starcraft 2, it has terrible performance since release of lotv, you can try linux, no idea if that can help, can be waste of time
    -USE ALWAYS ON TOP FOR TASK MANAGER, when you screen blacks out, it is impossible to close game and restarting pc can cause permanent problems, which cannot be fixed, only by reinstall, also freezes are big problem, can permanently mess up registry, so back up pc from time to time, otherwise you can try sfc /scannow and dism

    11. Ideas
    virtual desktops[probably a lot] - Windows 10 has by default enabled virtual desktops, it is known it cause tremendous amout of input lag, i mean virtual desktops in general, that would be good somehow to turn that off

    Update 2: Net framework adds a lot of lag, but you need that almost for everything, so it is problem to disable it.

    Update 7/15/19: somehow if you could render sound on different pc, like streamers use for capturing stream second pc, or pci-e card. Sound card adds tremendous amount of latency... And pci-e cards are terrible and generate extreme amount of dpc, not a good alternative

    You can try gaming optimization program. which close services on background or set up tweaks, good program -smart pc utilities game fire pro, but don't let them change things automatically, always know what you are doing !!

    12: Bulding your own pc:

    Start in this order, but there will be always things to consider, or rethink, you can change it later, once you have so idea, consider all scenarios and what you want from your pc, perhaps there is something you will need, but you don't know it yet, take your time.

    1. Motherboard:
    You can choose cheapest to save money, gigbabyte is durable, if you know you won't need overclocking, some poorly, optimized games, can't take advantage of multicore cpus and only frequency matters, there are bios mods tho, which can unlock overclocking on such motherboards: check
    Otherwise if you are gamer, you should download manual and check every setting it has and google for high dpc latency issues linked to your motherboard.
    All this should concern you:
    Otherwise if you will overclock, make sure your motherboard has unlocked overclocking and you can clock bclk closest to 1.0

    2. Cpu:
    Best gaming cpu intel i5 8400 in terms of cost/performance, one disadvantage there is no k model, this means you can't overclock it, but it is powerful enough that it should last.
    Always pick latest socket, i were in it school and guy was picking old mobo, which has old cpus, which aren't efficient...
    Check benchmarks, for specific gpu and compare fps with different cpus, this gpu have, today there are websites, which allows you specifically check for bottlenecks which this cpu introduce to specific gpu, so you can pick perfect match
    Always buy intel, unless have specific reason not to, amd sucks...

    3. Gpu:
    Better nvidia, there were some times, amd had better price/performance gpus, but amd is garbage, there were bug, users couldn't even use their gaming 144hz monitors, only 60hz, tho nvidia ins't perfect.
    Today 1660ti is splendid choice and cheap too. Usually 80 models are to expensive and risky, may not age well, but 60 series may not be enough in terms of performance, depends of what you playing. So 70 isn't bad as well.
    Always check for performance/cost, you can buy new gpu later, if you have strong cpu, with minimal bottlenecks.
    I have intel i7 3770, i could get 1660 with only 16% bottleneck. And yet if you overclock cpu, it will be less.
    PRO TIP: find gpu, which can be overclocked a lot. One model of 780 could be overclocked about 500mhz on core, on water, while normally it would be only 200mhz. Think about water cooler. It may be worth it. I don't watch today hardware to closely so i don't know how is it today.

    4. Ram: today high speed ram have huge impact on performance, gskill are the best, over 3k mhz aren't yet that expensive and enhance performance greatly, also overlocking them is very good, today min ram would be 16Gb probably, because there is memory leak in windows, which even 16gb ram won't solve sometimes, but if you have a lot of tabs in browser, or game and couple other apps 8 GB can be problem. Always count your ram slots, maybe you save buying 4gb modules, but later you can run out of space !!!
    Also try to get lower timmings for less input lag and try find out ram with least input lag, ram matters to quite a lot! Definitely something you will be able to tell! It is like domino, every piece stack and than you have a lot. So every detail matters.

    SDD TIP:have one small ssd only for windows solely, ssd performance reduces gradually as there are multiple junk files, some programs needs to be on windows ssd, so plan accordingly!
    Buy western digital best!: tho 7200 rpm are annoying with vibrations, get 5400 ones green/red, red can be used for nas to i think for storage and high cache.

    PS - powersupply:
    Before you buy anything use this calculator:
    Don't worry with efficiency in terms of how much powersupply can draw, if it is 600w, it can draw 600w, but it will take +20% from grid, if efficiency is only 80%. Also it can differ on certain branches.
    Get decent one, it will last and you can use it for other computers, also it will help with overclock stability!
    Use detailed guides before you pick this. Gpu today has almost no draw, so 600w probably more than enough.

    Case: use big tower, even it is very big, it can be pain to change parts in middle tower and also in big tower you can have much better cable management, to have everything in back for case to have maximum airflow and it has usually a lot of fans. Check fan's db so it is not too loud !!! Try to find some that have cfm at least 49, but low rpm and db, so you have quiet case.

    Overclocking: Find good guide and don't do anything until you fully understand, what you are doing, also consult people on forums. They usually change part, if you break it while overclocking, but still better safe than sorry. Don't worry to much about temps, takes it slowly and do stress test 5-10 minutes each time, than you can do longer overnight and see if you pc crashed, you can set warning in bios it will shutdown, or have on thermal protection, or in windows app, check temperatures in summer. In terms of longetivity, it will last 10-20 years, you probably get new one sooner, so that's not problem usually.
    Cpu is usually max 70C, check your vendor sites and gpu should not operate more than 85C longterm.

    FANS: passive water coolers were crap, don't know how it is now, good air cooler is usually more than enough, even for oc. Buy very good, they cost almost same, so you get maximum from overclocking, if you want to.
    Make sure your mobo has enough pins for fans, so you can control rpm and reduce it drastically in windows. Do same for gpu. Find on intel maximum temp for your cpu, it is up to 70~ for long term usage today times.

    TAGS - ignore this, its for google only:
    input lag, gaming tweaks, reduce input lag, cs go tweaks, cs go fps guide, cs go fps boost, 2019, 2018, 2017, most compheresive input lag guide, gaming tweaks

    If you know some other gaming tweaks please let us know!!!
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    Very interesting reading, thanks for sharing!

    never use realtek audio drivers, holly lag
    What drivers should you install instead?
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    Your post didn't blow my mind, sorry. Most of the settings you point out can give a difference in latency, but it's in such a small ms that it's not worth it, to me at least. The whole purpose of your post is to reduce as much input lag as possible while gaming, but how much is actually needed versus what is achieveable should be carefully put into consideration here.

    "use display port, it has smoother move imho, but dvi seems faster, test yourself."
    DP, DVI, HDMI has the same digital encoding and VESA/DCC links. The only differences are bandwidth - whereas most DP models have the highest - and feature sets. Higher bandwidth gives you support for higher refresh rates and resolution, while latency is measured in framebuffering, display panel and cable length.

    "never use vsync, hope you know it, some people play with it..."
    Why? Vsync comes down to preference. Some people can deal with screen tearing, others (like myself) don't. The added latency with Vsync ON is a non-issue for me, but I can see why some will find it bad, especially in shooters. Most games today also use an added frame buffer to avoid framepacing and stutter.

    "if you have decent cpu, switch physics to cpu, gpu resources can be freed for more fps."
    You mean PhysX? PhysX is run through the CPU in almost all games today that use it regardless of what you choose in the nvcp. The nvcp only changes the hardware accelerated PhysX (Nvidia only) which very few games today support. Running GPU accelerated physics to the cpu is a bad move anyway as they were programmed with very heavy tasks (heavier than what games today run the cpu with) that were ment for the GPU, potentially stressing threads that the cpu might need to calculate.

    "update your bios blablabla"
    Why? BIOS should never be updated without the user knowing what the actual update does. Updating the BIOS willy-nilly doesnt improve gaming unless it specifically says so, e.g GPU compatibility.
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    What drivers should you install instead?

    no need install anything default windows audio drivers have a lot of lower input lag, other issue would be if you have dedicated audio card,(but there is not much improvement - asus xonar is not even worth it, it is more about which headphones you use), which adds a lot of input lag, all pcie cards do (so far as i know)

    DP, DVI, HDMI has the same digital encoding and VESA/DCC links. The only differences are bandwidth - whereas most DP models have the highest - and feature sets. Higher bandwidth gives you support for higher refresh rates and resolution, while latency is measured in framebuffering, display panel and cable length.

    I am extreme sensitive to these things, cursor feels different when using dvi against display port, i am not sure about length i have, but both can't be more than 1.5m and if one was 1m and second "1.5m e.g.", no idea if you could tell difference. It will be probably something else, it could be something in monitor or gpu too theoretically.

    Why? Vsync comes down to preference. Some people can deal with screen tearing, others (like myself) don't. The added latency with Vsync ON is a non-issue for me, but I can see why some will find it bad, especially in shooters. Most games today also use an added frame buffer to avoid framepacing and stutter.

    Why seriously ? If you was a pro gamer, or hardcore game, you wouldn't ask. Because it holds one frame in buffer, before current is rendered, so it adds 16ms lag "approx.", if you have 60hz monitor. Believe me no pro gamers use vsync, if you can find me one, i would be surprised. Vsync is probably major thing which adds input lag, you should never use it, today even 144hz monitors are cheap so there is no need for it anyway and gsync is better if you have it and even gsync shutdown, if you have more fps than your monitor refresh rate, because once again it add lag like vsync.

    Why? BIOS should never be updated without the user knowing what the actual update does. Updating the BIOS willy-nilly doesnt improve gaming unless it specifically says so, e.g GPU compatibility.

    Ye it depends, in this point i wasn't exact, i wasn't much talking about it, because you can easily google it. Just was more focusing on listing some hidden tweaks, that matter a lot. If you have high dpc latency, it is recommended, or maybe it unlocks for you some new settings, if you have old motherboard. You will be probably fine with default version, generally you update your bios only if you have issues, otherwise there is no need. I didn't mention, because you can easily google it.

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    windows 10

    One for u to add use dns its the hest current dns server
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  6. CountMike's Avatar
    Posts : 15,352
    W10 Insider + Linux

    Or just get a beast of a computer and most of those will not matter.
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  7. Posts : 106
    Windows 10
    Thread Starter

    tom9928 said: View Post
    One for u to add use dns its the hest current dns server
    I don't have unfortunately IPv6, but how dns matter on gaming anyways ?

    CountMike said: View Post
    Or just get a beast of a computer and most of those will not matter.
    Even good computer a lot of setting stil matters and have impact on input lag, like pre rendered frames.
    Or dpc latency, if you have high dpc latency, some pricey asus motherboard had issue with insane dpc latency, that even audio cracklings happened.
    For example services dwm and human user interface, cause a lot of lag, which u can notice, these are 2 most important services to disable, which has nothing to do with how good your computer is.
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    Windows 10

    Hello, ty for your tips i know i'm very late but pls don't say holy input lag when i'm sure you wouldn't tell the difference for some.
    Why would frequency higher than 44100hz add input lag ? Ok it's pretty useless but it don't have that much impact i think.

    And you tell to delete this registry values : Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse for SmoothMouseXCurve and SmoothMouseYCurve.
    But after you tell us to use MarkC fix but the only thing it does is editing this values.

    Don't speak like you knew everything, just share your tips.
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  9. Lugh's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Home x64 1803

    Thanks for your effort, empleat.

    Re your recommended Intel CPU & nVidia GPU:

    I've used that combo for at least a decade now, but I recently read/saw that AMD's new products have made them serious contenders again. So for 'sweet spot' building in 2020, they should be considered since AMD is usually a bit cheaper.
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  10. CountMike's Avatar
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    Lugh said: View Post
    Thanks for your effort, empleat.

    Re your recommended Intel CPU & nVidia GPU:

    I've used that combo for at least a decade now, but I recently read/saw that AMD's new products have made them serious contenders again. So for 'sweet spot' building in 2020, they should be considered since AMD is usually a bit cheaper.
    AMD Ryzen has gone long way since it's introduction, Intel is now 2 years behind in latest technology and Nvidia under serious attack.
    How about a 16 core and 32 threads CPU (Ryzen R9 3950x) with boost to 4.7GHz, 4400MHz RAM and x570 motherboards with PCIe 4.0 giving it twice PCIe 3 bandwidth for GPU and over 6000Mbps M.2 NVMe SSD ? Intel will not have that in consumer segment for at least another year, maybe two and all of that for half the price.
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