Windows 10 x 64 I am admin. Only 2 users. Myself/kid
8gig Ram
i5 4460 chip 3.4 ghz (I think that is ok)
Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti (3 - 5 months old)
Brand New 2 TB Western Digital (3 days ago). Windows 10 of course was freshly installed.

Ping 20 MS (Seems High? is it?)
Download 48Mbps
Upload 6Mbps (I forget what I am paying for - seems low). Checking it next calling ATT
Router - brand new 2 mo from ATT Uverse

This problem has been off and on for several months or longer. New Router, Videocard and HD. The games freeze mid play, lags or move slow. I can see this when kid plays (or I do). This happens on occasion when using the computer too. It hiccups. When I shut the computer off, the xbox which is hard wired at moment (New Ethernet Cable) still has the same issues. Does this mean there is a problem with the internet probably? Or shutting off computer means nothing? What sort of trouble shooting do I do here/now? This is the only computer in the network.

Dont know what this means:
Total Virtual memory 29gb (seems alot? Is it a problem?)
18.5 Virtual memory abailable
Page File 21gb (I heard of that, seems high - is it?)

Do you need other information? While the computer occasionally hiccups during normal use. It is mostly noticeable during games. If I shut the desktop off the problem still persists on the Xbox One in the other room (hard wired).