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The issue about those games has existed through a few Version Upgrades, first saw it with Version 1511 [November 2015] and in the Insider Preview [formerly Technical Preview back in 2014]. The Version Upgrades since have always taken them out so I just reinstall, I have 6 to 10 minutes available to do so.

Some of the new games from the Store aren't too bad but there's really not many that fit the description. Some have to be paid for to have extraneous material [ads] removed and to get higher levels of skill.
The beauty of the Windows 7 games is that they are designed for mouse users and are totally free of ads and bloatware.
The Game Explorer is not required to play the games but it is a very nice feature since it groups the games together and also displays the stats.
One could of course just use a shortcut to the games folder, but it wouldn't be quite the same.