What Games are you playing right now? [2]

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    Windows 10 21H2

    Well, I wanted to play the 2020 Microsoft Flight Simulator, which came out on Steam on Tuesday the 18th.

    So, I bought it and tried installing it thrice. Download was slow and the Standard package is 81 gb.

    No joy

    So I waited 'till the early evening on the next day and still no joy

    So..... I'm going to put it on hold because the Steam forums tell me that problems abound and since I now have all the parts for my new 1 terabyte M.2 SSD, I'm going to Macriun Reflect the old to the new. Never done this b4

    Wish me luck!
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    Windows 11 Pro 22543.1000 rs_prerelease

    I tried to download it at 6am release day. It all stalled with around 3GB left. I tried again later that day, removed all data from install dir and it downloaded without issues.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    I play all of those:
    Valorant, IronSight, CSGO, Warface, Crossfire Pharaoh, Paladins, TeamFortress2, WWZ, Apex, Goat Of Duty.
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    Win 11 Pro (x64) 21H2

    @Hemimax; @Kol12,

    Have any of you guys found a hidden "SHD" cache on the Roosevelt Island Stronghold replay? I was doing a replay there in hopes of farming for a D50 Pistol (more on that in a minute) and one of the said rewards was a hidden SHD cache....
    What Games are you playing right now? [2]-rooservelt-island-hidden-shd-cache.png

    I looked high and ow and couldn't find it. And it's not even mentioned in a Google search. I'm wondering if this is something new or a bug. And I already found the 4 hidden ones scattered in DC. And the 5 in NY.

    sygnus21 said:
    Anyway my next "mission" is for find all the components for the exotic "Liberty" pistol. Already got the trigger and mechanism, just need the other parts.
    Speaking of a D50 Pistol, if any of you come across a low level one, keep it as you'll need it to craft the exotic Kendra's Liberty Pistol....

    What Games are you playing right now? [2]-kendras-liberty-blueprint.png

    that even though the pistol itself is not an exotic item it is extremely hard to come by. And though you can get one in the Survivalist's specialization (by adding points to the D50 tree) it doesn't count for crafting purposes. Thus why you need to farm for one, and thus why I was farming Roosevelt (again).

    Speaking of specializations, I was using the Sharpshooter (Sniper Rifle signature weapon) one for a while until I heard choosing the Survivalist specialization gives you a better chance of finding a D50, and I gotta say I love that Explosive tipped Crossbow signature weapon. It's far better than I thought. Though the trade off is I loose the drone perks from Sharpshooter.
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    Windows 11 Pro X64

    Look what I found in Wildlands

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    Windows 11 Pro

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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    I had not seen that.
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    Windows 11

    @Sygnus I'm not sure on the unmarked SHD cache, will have to find out. I constructed my Liberty pistol this week... I was fortunate enough to have kept a standard D50 in the stash. Bad news is the talent on the Liberty got changed and is no longer the one with weak point targeting system like the Mantis.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    @sygnus21, I have not seen it either.

    What Games are you playing right now? [2]-image.png
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    Win 11 Pro (x64) 21H2

    @Kol12, thanks for the tip. Anyway, I think I destroyed the D50 when I got it not realizing I'd need it down the road. BTW are you pairing the Liberty with the Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster? That's supposed to be a pair made in heaven.

    BTW, I also found all the components for the Chatter box. So I now have that weapon

    @Hemimax, I not going to worry about it as I think I have all the SHD caches that were available in the game. And I've not seen any YouTube video mentioning a hidden SHD cache a Roosevelt Island. There are plenty on the hidden tunnel there, but nothing about a SHD cache.

    Thanks guys
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