Windows 10 Mouse and Keyboard not working Solved

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  1.    12 Jul 2016 #41

    I've had issues twice now with the letter M key and number pad 0 and 1 not responding until I press the keys repeatedly, first time I turned off Fast Start Up in the Power Settings, 2nd time I just use the device manager to update the keyboard drivers to browse my computer and let me pick from a list, I just used the exact same driver, I realise this is shared all over the forums and may already be covered, just sharing my experience with this frustrating issue if nothing else.
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  2.    26 Jul 2016 #42

    i am using HP laptop. after installing the windows 10, my touchpad was working but the keyboard was not working.

    so i tried this method of selecting any driver. i selected the HID driver. but after restart, even the touch pad stopped working.

    ninschne said: View Post
    Device Manager - > Go to Properties of the keyboard ( standard keyboard ( PS / 2 ) - > Update Driver - > Browse my computer for driver software - >
    Choose from a list of device drivers on my computer - >
    Uncheck " Show compatible hardware " - > Select just any driver - >
    for example HID Keyboard - > then restart

    Now do the same again all over again - > but chose the correct driver (PS / 2 standard keyboard)

    It does not work to just uninstall and install the driver in the properties of the Keyboard (driver)
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    Windows 10 Pro (32 and 64 bit)
       30 Jul 2016 #43

    No restore point

    DragonFire said: View Post
    I was able to resolve my issue. I started the computer and when Windows started to load, I interrupted power (did not shut off the computer using the start button, but physically unplugged it). If you are working with a laptop, you may have to pull the battery first. Then I did it a second time. After the second time, Windows booted in recovery mode. From there, I was able to do a system restore. Now my mouse and keyboard are working again. However, I'm afraid of what Windows 10 is going to do next... I have already had a number of issues with Windows 10 malfunctioning and am very frustrated by its fragility. I'm crossing my fingers.
    I am having the same issue with the addition that i don't have a restore point... . should i reset my PC coz that seems like the last resort. Unless there is something that can be done via CMD. Furthermore, I also updated Kaspersky before last restart, it might be that kaspersky is locking me out on all hardware as networking is also not working.
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  4.    24 Aug 2016 #44

    It's the System USB Ports

    I have been plagued by this problem and determined a number of aspects with regard to this issue. The problem is NOT hardware (mouse or keyboard) or mouse and keyboard drivers. The issue is the result of all the computer's system USB ports turning off in the latter part of the Win 10 boot. If one gets into Windows and checks device manager, all the system USB ports are not functioning due to error code 52 which corresponds to Windows NOT accepting USB driver file signature (there is no rhyme or reason for this!!). No, I don't know how to permanently solve this problem at this juncture. It also occurs for bizarre reasons since my system was working fine prior to installing graphics driver and then failed afterward (graphics driver files should have nothing in common with USB driver files!!). My system also worked fine for a few weeks until an automatic Windows 10 update (post anniversary update) and failed miserably afterward with this USB issue. I had to go to a prior restore point to get it back but since it will update again, the same problem will eventually occur (I have to install my hard drive into a different computer to get it working again because my current computer does not have PS2 mouse and keyboard ports). SO, AT THIS JUNCTURE, I HAVE GONE BACK TO WINDOWS 7 BECAUSE WINDOWS 10 #$$@@@S DUE TO THIS ISSUE AND OTHER FEATURES I DON'T LIKE (You now have to be in Win 10 to get to safe mode but if you can't get into windows you can't access safe mode and that's CATCH 22 in the purest form!!

    So, you can get into windows via PS2 mouse and keyboard (cause it's not USB). If you have as separate USB card (especially if it's USB3) they MAY work but I'm not sure.

    If I get into Windows (for example via PS2 hardware) I can access Trouble Shoot via Recovery in Windows 10 and disable file signature checking (number 7 option in restart with diagnostics) and, on reboot, all the previously bad USB ports will work again. Unfortunately, that method of disabling file signature only lasts one restart. There a SUPPOSED ways to permanently disable file signature checking in Windows 10 but that does NOT work to switch non working USB ports to working status.

    XweAponX said: View Post
    I'd be curious too. A lot of people who use USB keyboards and mice have this issue. I go around it by using a PS-2 Keyboard to get into windows, and then windows loads the USB drivers. It's quite possible you were able to log in and Windows automatically downloaded the drivers.

    Many new systems don't have a PS-2 port, but they are included for problems just like this on most new machines, they usually have one PS-2 port that can be used for KB or Mouse in case Windows does not have a native driver on hand for the USB devices.
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  5.    04 Sep 2016 #45

    I, myself had this same problem with the current build. After searching on forums and on YouTube I was not successfull. You can try this and I can almost guaruntee that it will work. You are probarly going to be very upset with yourself but here it goes.

    Hold the right shift key on your keyboard for about 10 seconds in. Let go of the key. Now press numlock to see that it is responding.

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  6. websquad's Avatar
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       19 Sep 2016 #46

    My Fix

    I got most of this from several posts:
    1. I unplugged both the USB keyboard and the wireless mouse cable USB plug.
    2. I powered down the machine using the power switch.
    3. I attached an old PS2-connector mouse (from my Linux Mint machine)
    4. I powered up. The PS2 mouse worked.
    5. I assumed it was not a USB driver issue, because I could see that my 2TB external drive was attached.
    6. I plugged in the keyboard. It worked
    7. I plugged in the Logitech wireless mouse antenna. The Logitech mouse worked.
    8. I powered down, unplugged the old PS2 mouse, and powered up.
    9. Everything works.

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  7.    23 Oct 2016 #47

    bcronje said: View Post
    This is what finally fixed the issue for me, taken from one of the posts on

    You can disable Hybrid shutdown (or "fast startup", as it is called in Win 10) via Control Panel:
    - open "Power Options"
    - open "Choose what the power buttons do"
    - click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable"
    - uncheck "Turn on fast startup"
    ^^^^ This solved my Windows 10 (desktop) startup problem... last time during startup it would just hang when USB mouse and keyboard (Logitech) is connected. My Logitech G510 would have no lights on and mouse would not respond. After I disabled the fast startup everything loaded as normal.

    Please try... much more efficient and easy compare to the other steps listed here. Most likely the fast startup is not loading all the required drivers to make the USB mouse and keyboard work as normal.

    After did the above, I have boot up 3 times just fine in the course of 3 different days.
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  8.    02 Nov 2016 #48

    touchpad and keyboard acting strange after latest w10 update.

    DragonFire said: View Post
    How exactly am I supposed to do this if my MOUSE and KEYBOARD are not working?
    this "fix" didn't solve my problem.
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  9.    02 Nov 2016 #49

    BruceKDallas said: View Post
    I, myself had this same problem with the current build. After searching on forums and on YouTube I was not successfull. You can try this and I can almost guaruntee that it will work. You are probarly going to be very upset with yourself but here it goes.

    Hold the right shift key on your keyboard for about 10 seconds in. Let go of the key. Now press numlock to see that it is responding.

    OMG! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have been messing with this problem for weeks now with my laptop-loading unloading drivers flashing BIOS, etc., etc, messing with the virtual keyboard and was finally able to get to where the touch pad was operational again and I could type by holding down the num lock key. I had plugged in an external keyboard and could use that, but you're not going to lug that around. this fix worked! Allelujah!!!!!!
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  10.    19 Nov 2016 #50

    Hey guys. I thank you all for sharing your steps. I did most of them.

    The issue, no keyboard and mouse in win 10 after replacing cpu cooler.

    Saw in davice manager the "!" In usb section. Plugged in ps2 keyboard. Tried to update, uninstall reinstall. Nothing worked until i was going to give up, call it a night, and drink a case of beer until i tried one last final thing.


    After a day of troubleshooting i tried to boot into windows with no peripherals whatsoever.

    Once fully loaded, i just plugged in my mouse and keyboard. Then it worked.

    Looked at myself in the mirror and called the reflection an idiot
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