I have 2 DVD recordable drives, neither will load Movies.
I don't mean they won't play movies I have programs that will play DVD movies
Window 10 will not recognize that a disk is in the tray at all.
They both will read DATA Disk the issue seems to be Media DVDs
I have tried deleting the High Filters this did not help
I'm wondering that since these are 4 or 5 year old devices is there a possibility that DRM is what my problem is. IF so what is the work around or is there a firmware update that I should look for or will purchasing new devices be DRM ready? I really don't have a good understanding of how DRM works with computer and DVD Player/Writers, I had a similar problem with my TV/Monitor and DirectTV and Sling Box. The work around was to install a HDMI Splitter some how the splitter resolved the issue I have no Idea why.
Anyone out there have a clue about this issue? I'm not looking for an illegal work around, I'm looking for the legit way to Play Movies on my computer I can play movies on my notebook with no issues it just seems to be an issue on the one desktop in my office. Its on windows 10 Pro 64 bit the latest updates and has been upgraded from 8.1 Pro 64 bit