Windows 10: Mouse jumpy on PC after forced Fall Creators Update

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    Mouse jumpy on PC after forced Fall Creators Update


    everytime I sleep my PC then wake it the mouse is jumpy all over the place and can not be used, I have to shutdown & restart the machine?? - its only started since the Fall Creators Update was forcibly installed by Windows 2 days ago, I did install this update a month back but had problems with it so reversed it with my backup images... now 2 days ago windows installed the update without my consent as they are rolling it out now, ever since when I sleep the PC it does this, I need to use sleep too as I use a RAM drive and dont want it writing to my drive every time i shutdown, faster startup too...

    Ive done some research and this seems to be very common and other people are reporting that its the sound driver... but thats not the case here as ive uninstalled it (used windows driver) and installed the VIA Audio Driver and still the same...

    Can anyone help?

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    Hi snadge.

    I think I would be checking mouse, keyboard and any other pointing devices you might have attached. Your spec says Q-Connect. Do they have drivers for your devices and are they installed rather than a generic MS drivers? If they are installed roll back the mouse driver or force install an older version and test.

    If you roll back the update and then set your connection to metered it will not re-install. While this is not a solution for the mouse in 1709 it will resolve your immediate issue.

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  3.    29 Nov 2017 #3

    ive been using this wireless keyboard and wired mouse for years, never came with any drivers, it was a wireless mouse and keyboard combo but the mouse got smashed years ago and ive been using an Infrared wired USB mouse ever since...

    Ive just realised it wasnt the Creators Fall update , sure it said it was..but apparantley not, it was a cumulative update as im still on 1607

    It has 2 mice showing in Device Manager...both the same with same driver... ive uninstalled one and didnt reinstall so see how that goes
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    Well you are behind the times, still not on 1703 either. Is your connection set to metered?

    According to MS support plan 1607 will be supported until March 2018 (they used the word tentative) so at some point you are going to have to upgrade to get security patches. Your call.

    Since you are on the same release you should be able to roll back drivers. You could of course uninstall that update. If the metered connection does not prevent it from installing you could hide the update. We have a tutorial on that.

    If rolling back drivers resolves things tell windows to lay off the driver updates. The process to achieve this.....

    Right click start, click Run, type sysydm.cpl, enter, click on Hardware Tab, click on Device Installation Settings, click No.

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  5.    29 Nov 2017 #5

    ok thanks for your help Ken I really appreciate your time.

    Yeah I wish to upgrade, just I had major issues after I did last time, I cant remember what the problems where, I dont think the mouse was affected though if i remember correctly, I have found TWO drivers installed for the mouse in DevMgr so Ive uninstalled the second one in the list, Im hoping that resolves the issue, theres no rollback option available for the mouse driver unfortunately, still i may apply your driver update fix before updating to 1709

    thanks again
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       29 Nov 2017 #6

    That won't work between major feature updates (OS upgrades). MS installs the latest and greatest, no asking. Takes my wireless offline every time.

    This thread has some suggestions on saving drivers.

    Drivers 101

    Forum members do recommend Macrium Reflect. You make an image of your existing system and if everything goes wrong with the upgrade you can restore.

    Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect

    If you want to jump right to V1709 you can follow this in place repair / upgrade process.

    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

    I always recommend a separate data back up, this is an OS upgrade.

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  7.    30 Nov 2017 #7

    I have a backup image to restore too,,, the fix has not worked, in fact when i turned it on this morning it done the usual so i rebooted and coming into windows it was jumpy again but not as bad then calmed down..??

    what should I do here? I dont want to keep restoring my SSD because of windows dodgy driver updates as thats writing 100GB to my SSD every time I do that, I guess I will have to do it once then stop the updates, perhaps I should roll back to windows 7 as I loathe window 10 with all its telemetry and writing to SSD constantly
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       30 Nov 2017 #8

    A couple of questions in there I think.

    On the mouse, go to device manager, find mouse (all mice), right click properties. See if there is a power management tab. If there is un-check allow the computer to shut off. Maybe the issue is the mouse is a being powered down and then when you restart it is taking time to reset.

    There is also a USB selective suspend setting under advance power mgmt > USB Settings... might try disabling there too.

    If possible I would also ensure that you are in a USB 2.0 port, one of the ones on MB not a takeoff header.

    I don't think there is a way to avoid the all the data collection facilities within today's software. Everyone is asking can I see how you use our product, can you send me stats, crash reports, etc. We can only review and try to exclude as much as possible. How many sites do you visit only to be confronted with the message this site uses Cookies. Not saying we should like it or accept it, it is just the way everything seems to be built. Even Apple asks if they can collect Analytics.

    Myself I would make the jump to 1709, shut off driver updates and go from there. While not desirable maybe even swap out mouse.

    Your Windows 7 idea is also valid but in 2020 you will be pulled backed in unless you decide to go Linux and by then who knows what they will be collecting.

    Would be interested if disabling power mgmt works.

    Good luck.
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