I have a MSI GP62VR 7RFX Laptop. It has 2 audio jacks (headphone and mic in) and it also has a subwoofer. The headphone out jack is not working right, i only get sound out of the left side of my headset. What I want to do is re-assign the mic input as a headphone output. I've tried editing the registry and using other software, I just cant' get the mic re-assigned to a headphone out jack. I've also tried in the Realtek HD audio manager but I can't do it there either. Is there a software tool that can re-write the registry settings for pin-outs on the Realtek HD audio? Like a GUI tool that can set mic-in to headphone out? Much appreciated if anyone can provide some help. I've been able to do this easily in linux , they have a tool that does just what I need, But I need this for Windows.