Windows 10: Line In audio bypasses REALTEK Equalizer

  1.    16 Nov 2017 #1

    Line In audio bypasses REALTEK Equalizer

    I just purchased some new headphones, which turned out to be a little too bass heavy for my liking. No problem, I just went into my realtek audio manager and under effects for the headphones, I turned the equalizer to the treble setting. Problem solved as far as Itunes and youtube are concerned.

    Now here is the issue, I play my guitar through my computer using the line out of my amplifier, and the sound from the headphones is just as bass heavy as before I eq'd it. So the line in audio appears to bypass realteks eq for my headphones somehow.

    Is there a way to force realteks eq settings onto the line in sound?
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    I have a recording studio. I don't use Realtek for recording, though.

    If you don't have it set, set the "Stereo Mix" as the default Recording device. That is "what you hear" so it MAY change the EQ to what you have set.

    The best way is to return the headset, if you can, and get a different one. I use an Audio Technica ATHM50H in my studio and its fairly "flat" on sound reproduction, not emphasizing bass like some do (Beats headsets for example do emphasize bass).
    Another headset I use is Sony MDR7506 and they are very close to the Audio Technica.

    You could also just change the EQ on the amplifier. May not sound good with the amp's speaker but it will compensate for your bass heavy headset.
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    Thanks fireberd, I'll have to try stereo mix.

    I like most things about the headphones other than the bass. They have an all metal frame and the cables are detachable. I've been through too many plastic headphones that only last a year or less.

    I tried changing the amplifier eq which helped a little, but it didn't sound the way I'm used to.

    I'll post my results using stereo mix later.
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    I use headphones for recording but don't use them for mixing down. I use my studio monitor speakers. The headphones can "lead you astray" when trying to mix down.
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    I can see how they could lead one astray. If I was basing my mix on these headphones it would be all treble by the end of it. Why don’t all headphones just start out with a flat eq. I mean let the user eq them bassy if they want.

    I found the fix for my problem. I couldn’t correct it in the Realtek manager, but I could using windows recording tab under manage audio devices.

    I selected my “line in” and in its properties under “listen” I had to check the “listen to this device” check box. Now Realtek effects are applied. Not sure why that option isn’t available in Realtek manager. It seems like an oversight.

    Only issue now is the eq seems to add a delay to the sound even with the environment effects off.

    Probably need to get new headphones, oh well.

    Thanks again for your time.
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    The "delay" you are hearing is probably "latency". PC sound cards are noted for having poor latency. That is if you want to record (or play along) with some audio on the PC, your recorded (or play along) will be off by whatever latency is in the sound device.

    For that reason, a recording interface unit is preferred over the PC's sound card. Even relatively inexpensive USB connected devices are much better than the PC sound card.

    In my recording studio, my latency is 3.3ms on record and about the same on playback.

    Look into a recording device such as the (popular on recording forums) Focusrite 2i2 or something similar.
    Here is a link to the Sweetwater Music site (where I buy most of my recording gear as they offer a free 2nd year warranty on most items).
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