Windows 10: Have problem running on battery since upgrade to 1703 Solved

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    windows 10 64 bit v1607 v1709 (6/11/17)
       07 Nov 2017 #1

    Have problem running on battery since upgrade to 1703

    Last week, I had a problem with Office 2013 (unlicensed product- 2nd time in 6 weeks). MS tried running
    repair and eventually had to re-install but also did 'repair' on Win 10. That was all completed around 5pm
    last Friday and things seemed to be normal. Received 'invitation' later Friday to upgrade to 1703 and started that process, which completed later in the evening.

    Since that upgrade, when I unplug the computer, it immediately shuts down. Just will not run on battery, charging indicator say 96% charged, but not charging. Battery operation was fine before Friday, but have read through post relating to similar with 1703.

    I spent a couple of hours with MS support, eventually agreed to roll back (to 1607), but that did not
    change the battery issue.

    I'm beginning to suspect the ASUS computer (also having several other problems) but it's only 2+ years old. On the other hand, I've only had 1 of 7 MS support agents actually resolve any of my issues, so
    I'm 'still' leaning towards 1703.

    I always appreciate help received here, so if anyone has suggestions, I'm listening.

    Wayne (keesadad)
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       07 Nov 2017 #2

    This is a method to check Asus hardware.
    If it does or does not have battery testing please report that into the thread.
    ASUS PC Diagnostics - Screenshots
    Run the testing and let us know the results.
    If possible please post images into the thread.
    Take Screenshot in Windows 10 General Tips Tutorials
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       08 Nov 2017 #3

    One other thing to check is the battery settings in the Advance Power Settings. (near the bottom of settings).
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    windows 10 64 bit v1607 v1709 (6/11/17)
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       11 Nov 2017 #4

    To zbook
    Thank you for your response. I went through some of the tests the day after (there are many, many of them) and wasn't sure which one(s) you were suggesting to run; there are NO specific battery tests.
    Meanwhile I have had numerous chats with Microsoft, with no results, and yesterday chatted with ASUS who sent me 2 files affecting the battery, one for the USB charger (for a new error that has shown up after MS asked me to upgrade to
    v1709). Unfortunately ASUS did not give me proper instructions for installing those two files, so that process is in limbo for now.
    Finally, I owe you an apology: I thought that clicking on the feedback icon would allow me to enter this reply, whereas the response from that entry implies that's not where I wanted to go to answer you. Won't do that again.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       11 Nov 2017 #5

    Did you check out battery settings in advance power options.

    I believe Asus just sent you two exe's, right?
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    windows 10 64 bit v1607 v1709 (6/11/17)
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       11 Nov 2017 #6

    To Caledon Ken
    Thanks for replying to my recent post (see my reply to zbook above for more details). Yes, ASUS sent me two files with skimpy instructions. I am supposed to uninstall the existing 'battery'(?) driver, then install the two files. The first file
    has a 'setup' option, but the second does not. I need to get in touch with them to get better instructions.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       11 Nov 2017 #7

    Great. I saw your response to zbook, that is why I asked if you checked Battery options under Advance Power settings.

    Start > Settings > System . Power & sleep > Additional power options on right in full screen > click "change plan settings" beside plan being used > Change advanced power settings > near bottom of list in window that opens.

    Usually to uninstall a driver, Right click Start > Device manager > find actually device you are trying to uninstall, right click. Uninstall option should be right there. If asked agree to remove software.

    The setup to start install is one option they use, the other is likely just an exe that you double click on. See what Asus says but these are common practices.
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    windows 10 64 bit v1607 v1709 (6/11/17)
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       11 Nov 2017 #8

    Have problem running on battery since upgrade to 1703

    To Caledon Ken
    I spent an hour with ASUS support, came away even more confused.
    I answered you earlier that ASUS yesterday gave me links to 2 files for the battery issue. They are not .exe
    files but rather compressed. I extracted, that created subfolders and subfiles, but no instrucations. So I went back to them this morning, and, to my surprise, the agent said NOT to use them. Instead, he said to
    go to the device manager and..
    1-for the ACPI AC Adapter, update
    2- for the ACPI Compliant Method Battery, update.
    If they are both updated, delete #2.
    Why would I delete if it's already updated? Sorry, my logic tells me if I'm going to delete why would I bother to try updating; but then instead of having the ACD one(1) and Battery one(2) I'm left with no battery one. I tried to explain my confusion and it just got worse. Before I do that, if you can clarify, would appreciate.
    Thanks, keesadad
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    windows 10 64 bit v1607 v1709 (6/11/17)
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       11 Nov 2017 #9

    Caledon Ken
    ps. after several chats with Microsoft, I'm now on win10 v1709, if that makes a difference
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       11 Nov 2017 #10

    Give me 5. My wife has asus. I'll see what she has, if I can get in and she is on 1709.

    One nice thing about windows is it will install drivers it needs, to my knowledge it won't delete drivers.
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