So prior to the ssd going out the unit was working fine. Now when you install 10 the touchpad and keyboard donít work at all until you install the Intel driver pack Lenovo has. It updates everything from sound to Ethernet in one installer. After a couple seconds the mouse stops and you have to click the mouse to make it where you can move it again. It does the same after these drivers on a usb mouse without them the usb mouse works perfect.

I have found many people complaining about Lenovo telling them itís not going to make a updated touchpad driver and there is no option on the Microsoft touchpad drivers (HID compliant device) to allow it to turn off the device to save power. Driver it installs is from 2006 and I cannot find anything newer anywhere.

Itís a Lenovo ideapad 100s. And yes it came originally with 10 itís not the chrome book model being converted.

Thanks in advance for any help.