When using my tablet (a slate, cube mix plus) sometimes ghost 'keys' are magically held down.

For example perhaps the 'control' key becomes stuck down. Except I didn't press the key, I don't even have a keyboard, and I didn't even have the touch keyboard open.

Opening the touch keyboard and pressing the corresponding key doesn't unstick it. Attaching a usb or bluetooth keyboard and pressing the key doesn't unstick it either.

This has happened to many keys; ctrl, alt, shift, win, and sometimes character keys too like x. This can happen with any program open, sometimes explorer, sometimes chrome, sometimes mspaint, etc.

I suspected it was to do with the GPIO keyboard dock (the same as you would find on a MS surface), but I taped over the port and still have the issue. No one knew how or even if it's possible to disable the dock in device manager, so I haven't.

Any help would be welcome. Obviously this is not a fun bug. If you have a document open it may exit without warning, or leave you unable to save. Often you can't open the touch keyboard, or start menu. The only fix is a hard shutdown with the power button. I think with the right program I might be able to see what process or device is sending the keypresses.

Thanks in advance.