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  1.    04 Nov 2017 #11

    GracieAllen said: View Post
    cereberus, I probably wasn't clear...

    My ORIGINAL problem was all these little partitions sitting there. I SEEM to be able to move, merge, delete, whatever - MOST OF THEM. But I DEFINITELY DO NOT want to render the system unbootable unless there's a way to restore the image to a new "C" partition that WILL make it bootable.

    CURRENTLY,a it boots, but SOMETHING must not be happy because when I tried to "Create a Recovery Drive" it SAYS
    "Some required files are missing. Use your Windows installation disc or media." So, NO Recovery Drive at present.

    QUESTION: If I have this bunch of tiny garbage partitions in here, particularly the 100MB one I can't move, HOW do I increase the size of the "C" partition if I ever need to?

    I have an ntfs partition immediately after "C" that's 450MB - do I delete this one?
    The next partition is ANOTHER ntfs partition, 450MB - do I delete this one?
    Then one marked "Recovery" that's 300 MB - keep or delete?
    Next is a 100MB FAT32 partition - delete?
    Then about 20GB of UNALLOCATED space - stuck in the middle. not part of "C" or anything else. I DO NOT appear to be able to move it to the OTHER SIDE of the "EFI System Partition" between it and the next USABLE partition that has data in it...
    And FINALLY ANOTHER FAT32 partition that says it's "EFI System Partition". It just SITS there with unallocated space on ONE side, and a "normal" partition with data on the OTHER side. I CANNOT MOVE it. I MAY be able to delete it, but if I do, the system won't boot, right?

    My GOAL is to delete the partitions that I DON'T need - if the system won't boot without them, I NEED them. And to MOVE the remainder so I can MERGE ALL THE DELETED, UNNEEDED PARTITIONS into the Unallocated space so I can use it - which means having it available to be added to another partition with data on it. AND so if I ever want to increase the size of "C", I can...

    And JUST IN CASE the above DOESN'T work and I have a brick when I'm done, I need to know EXACTLY (as idiot-proof as possible) how to make the SSD bootable, put on whatever will be needed so everything is happy, and restore the Macrium image of "C" to "C" with the Windows-required partitions that HAVE TO BE THERE FOR NORMAL OPERATION, there.
    I'll happily blow away every partition on the SSD and reformat the thing as long as SOMETHING will put on whatever partitions Windows demands, let me create a new "C" partition, AND restore the image I have sitting on another drive.

    I figure that's GOT to be a document SOMEWHERE that SAYS:
    If you have all these sort of things - delete this one and this one and that one.
    Create a NEW one by doing... Change it to be a ??? by doing ...
    I found ONE entry online that went through a bunch of steps in diskpart and such, but at the end things looked JUST LIKE BEFORE. Nothing changed except MAYBE I've angered Windows 'cause it won't let me create a Recovery Drive.
    As I said, you only need two partitions to boot - EFI and C drive.

    You are really overcomplicating things.

    Make and image backup of complete drive, then use minitool partition wizard free to delete rest - it will still boot.

    If you delete the recovery partitions, you will not be able to create a recovery drive but that is no big deal, as you can use a usb stick created by media installation tool to do same thing anyway.
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  2.    11 Nov 2017 #12

    Thanks for all the help. Less painful than I'd anticipated. Deleted all the stuff I didn't need, hopefully kept the stuff I did need, rearranged so those goofy things created for Windows AREN'T in the middle of everything......
    Now when I get home (again), I need to do the same thing with the laptop. It doesn't have the luxury of as much extra space, and it's rather a mess...
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