Random Lockup/Freeze NO BSOD

  1.    30 Oct 2017 #1

    Random Lockup/Freeze NO BSOD

    Seeing as I don't ever get a a BSOD I took it that I couldn't post in the BSOD thread.

    Important thing to note is when it occurs.

    1. Fail to start right from turning on (no BIOs splash screen). Although this is rare and has only happened a few times.
    2. Lockup on loading up Windows login. (it will freeze on the circling load in graphic).
    3. Can run for like an hour or more in Windows and then I get audio stutter and freeze from like 1 - 30 s then the system continues on it's merry way just fine. Or after 1 - 2 mins of lock I just restart (hard reset) and it's fine till it happens again.

    I have tried almost every kind of trouble shooting measure. SFC, safemode (yes it still does it in safemode). Ramtest. Driver updates, driver rollbacks, cleaning... removing many processes, turning off processes. Re-seating of various hardware components.

    All tests show zero problems, no heat issue, no hardware issues. The system ran almost perfectly for a year and half. I had one failed stick of ram other than that nothing else. Built the system my self.

    Now I have run various hardware monitors so they would record things so when I come out of a lockup, I could possible check max and min recorded values. All the processors highest recorded values are 100%, so the lockup is occurring due to all cores maxing?

    This to me indicates a hardware issue with either mb or cpu. Voltages always seem fine. So I rule out power supply. It's so random when it occurs. So I contacted MSI and they want me to do further testing but I would have to rebuild this MB into another system to know if it's mb. Which doesn't make sense I might as well just build a new computer, I wasn't planning on it yet, though it's almost two years old lol...

    Could it be CPU? I just don't think it could... it doesn't do it under stress it is very random.. like a bus or some bad section on hardware shorting out ... hdds test fine... it could be sdd too

    MSI is good for RMA if I decide to go that route... this is very tough to troubleshoot without another system to swap components too...
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       30 Oct 2017 #2

    Hi Lee K.

    If it was a short things would be dead. These electronics are not built for intermittent shorts.

    Is the reliability history reporting any thing when it freezes?

    For HDD and SSD what is SMART reporting. You can get data using Seatools on each drive. Might even try long tests on HDD's not SSD. Just in case make sure your data is backed up off machine , which is a good idea anyway.

    You were talking to MSI, is there a newer BIOS for MB. Not suggesting you update, that is your call, just want to know if a BIOS is available.

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  3.    01 Nov 2017 #3

    I have done some long tests too and they indicate everything is fine. I assume the 100% cpu usage on the hardware monitor is the problem. There was a problem with one of the Windows updates doing that but wasn't that a year ago or more? I never experienced that issue. I did try some trouble shooting measures that would solve that and of course it didn't work. The fact that it does it in safe mode would indicate it's a hardware issue?

    Can a faulty power supply cause problems with a cpu like this, maybe the 100% reading of max on cpu is a fault on the cpu itself or the only way that the software can show there's some kind of cpu related fault in the system. So would be a electronic failure or a failure somewhere else to which the cpu can't compensate for the fluctuation. Say it was a sporadic voltage low voltage but very random, cpu would not be able to handle it's work load and therefore read 100%?
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  4.    01 Nov 2017 #4

    btw bios is up to date.
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  5.    01 Nov 2017 #5

    hmm nice call on the reliability history I'm averaging 5/10, don't know how it calculates but it does show windows not shutting done properly when I have to do a hard reset. It also shows a failure in a particular process almost every time. It's the MSI software that controls bios and updates from windows lol. MSIDDRService.exe. This is one of these overclock gaming boards that supposed to adjust on the fly if you have it turned on. Wondering if somethings incompatible, something went wrong with the component that makes all the calls for increases in cpu power and such. Though this problem tends not to happen at peak power, it has but also does it when there is virtually little demand on computer. I removed all MSI software from computer and I will see if I get any change.
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       01 Nov 2017 #6

    Interesting. Post back.
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