Windows 10: Help to resolve Win 10 issue involving PS2 driver on touchpad

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    windows 10 64 bit v1607 v1709 (6/11/17)
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    Help to resolve Win 10 issue involving PS2 driver on touchpad

    I have just installed Win 10 on an Asus laptop which was running Win 8.1, and, I believe Smart Gesture which was what allowed modifying the touchpad features, specifically, disabling 'tap'. ASUS has been totally unhelpful, in fact
    they sent me Nvidia drivers and asked me to "try" them. The default that Win 10 installed was PS2, which unlike
    Smart Gesture (or even some Synaptic drivers) where you can have turnoff the function for 'tap', PS2 has only standard options.
    I am wondering if someone could recommend looking somewhere in the registry to see if I can turnoff the 'tap'
    feature, or if there are other options. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Keesadad.

    Please do not modify the registry. Windows 10 has mis-identified your touchpad. If you head to Asus and find your device there should be a touchpad driver. Use the 8.1 one if that is all they have.

    I tried to find your specific device but Asus was being cranky and G771 did not produce any results. Please check model and update specs. You will also likely need their ATK package which will also be listed.


    Edit 1

    Kept looking, my wife says I'm stubborn, I like the word determined. Yours is an ROG G771JW, correct? Here is the right page and the ATK package is required.
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    Help to resolve Win 10 issue/ PS2 driver on touchpad

    Thanks neighbor,
    The ASUS that I am asking for is a friend's computer, a G75X, I7 processor and 8gb of memory. ASUS has been totally unhelpful; I've spent much time with several chat agents and more time on their website.

    I did find one SmartGesture file which I downloaded, but there was a note that it might need an 'ATK' file (whatever that is) for which they gave a link. But that brought up a blank page, and when I mentioned that to the agent, I got, more or less, "that won't work" and I started getting useless "try this" suggestions.

    I read somewhere about checking the registry (with clear instructions), and since I have previously but rarely
    gone through its structure, I decided to look. But those instructions involved an Elan version, and I found neither Elan nor SmartGesture in the place where the instructions said to look. I may even put a copy of my SmartGesture on my friend's G75X. Meanwhile if you come up with other ideas, let me know.

    All is appreciated.

    Wayne from MIssissauga
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    windows 10 64 bit v1607 v1709 (6/11/17)
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    Help to resolve Win 10 issue involving PS2 driver on touchpad

    Thanks, I didn't see your 2nd post until after I completed the reply- yes you are right, my ASUS is a G771J but (my bad) I forgot to mention I was working on a G75X. I will try the file I have. I just went to the link you gave me, and it doesn't even move off that intial page, tried both win 10 and win 8.1.

    I upgraded my G771J from Win 7, and the installation did the same thing- just gave it PS2 drivers. But I
    have had many issues with the SmartGesture in the past- the whole install disappears every 3-6 months, seemingly after a Windows update. So now I keep a copy of the file. I'll do a web search to see if I can find older versions of smart gesture.

    Oh, and why am I trying to get this working? I have a shaky right hand, and when I lower my hand to do something on the keyboard, I'm likely to tap instead- the results can be funny, or disastrous- I've deleted files,
    folders and directories because of this problem. My G75X friend is not very computer literate so I'm trying to bullet-proof her computer.

    Keesadad from Mississauga
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    Hey no issue. I always shut tap off. To many accidents. We are neighbours.

    Here is the Asus support page. Again I can't find model so you will have to look. For me I need whole written name and full model number from sticker. Asus search engine sucks.

    This is solvable, just got to get the right driver and ATK package.

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    Help to resolve Win 10 issue involving PS2 driver on touchpad

    Thanks Ken,
    I'm taking a break on this one for a few days, my friend wanted to take her computer home as is to get started on her 2016 taxes (just a tad late). I'll do some more research and trials and will post if I come up with something.

    Appreciated your 'stubbornness', that's one of my biggest flaws, I don't like to quit, so I'm sure I'll find something
    sooner or later. You were quite helpful.

    I agree with you on your ASUS search comment; in fact through several experiences is VERY negative, and after just 2+ years with my G771, I have concluded this will be my last experience with ASUS.


    Mississauga Wayne
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    Get your friend to send you the model specs and you can at least be ready. (Please post)

    While I sound hard on Asus I like their products. You should see documentation and support files for some other makes. Before youo buy check it out online.

    In some sense all this technology that is supposed to make things simpler isn't. There are four hundred whatever's, wireless cards, touchpads, chipsets etc. Even Apple can't get an iOS release out these days for a limited subset of phones with breaking things.

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    Help to resolve Win 10 issue involving PS2 driver on touchpad

    Thanks Ken, I have some of the specs of her G75X- I7 processor 1 terrabyte hard drive. I also found 3 versions of SmartGesture and 'maybe' one ATK package. I'm still searching so next time she is over, I'll do some more testing.
    I have used, in recent years a Toshiba (screen failure), 2 Dells (screen failures), Lenovo (for one week-worst bloatware I've ever seen, actually they re-installed some after I uninstalled), worked for HP, tried Sony.... overall quality is borderline, at best. I will do more research next buy.

    Thanks again

    keesa's dad from Mississauga
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