Mouse Refresh Rate - Hz - cycles per second

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    Mouse Refresh Rate - Hz - cycles per second

    Has there been any progress in finding ways to increase the polling rate of mouses in windows 10?
    I do not wish to disable the driver signing.
    I ran 'mouserate' and found the refresh frequency to be 125Hz.
    Ideally this should be a registry item, if not an actual mouse option item.
    Turning off 'acceleration' does help a bit for a smoother operation.
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    Mouse refresh rate is a hardware (Mouse/Receiver End) related feature , it can be affected by driver as well but not by far . Most applications I saw that attempted to tamper with mice did COM work (Dealt with hardware directly) . So bottom line if you have the latest drivers for it (do check with Driver Booster too) and had no significant change then this is as good as it gets .

    P.S Not all claimed Mhz / dpis printed on a mouse box are true , China now would just print anything that'd make you happy but the mouse itself might feel as numb as drunk snail and Logitech isn't doing any better , best I've seen so far were Microsoft's own (Figures ) if you are considering buying a new .
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    that is a good point, that a cheap mouse will behave as a cheap mouse does.
    If you want a mouse with higher refresh rate, then look for that when shopping for one. Now I know what to look for, beyond wild claims of 'dpi' that may just be a button with a multiplier effect. I've found that with 'cheap' mouses the pointer moves farther but you lose definition. So the same is true of this polling rate setting, if a mouse isn't designed to support it, and comes with that feature built into the driver software, then it isn't true. The mouse won't be able to respond any faster, no matter what you do.
    Is this about right?
    Do you, anybody, have a good recommendation for mouses or what to look for in a 'proper' mouse? IDK that they advertise this feature as I haven't seen it when looking for more information on this topic.
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    I picked up two dirt cheap (~$9-14) mice a while back that I like really well. It has a "driver" that lets you adjust the polling rate from 125-1000, change DPI, buttons, LED colors, etc. I say "driver" because it uses the default Windows driver, but it has software that basically programs the mouse directly. The mouse stays how you set it even if you move it to another PC without the "driver", so it's more of a firmware programmer than a driver.

    The mouse is called a Utechsmart Jupiter but they appear to be out of stock on Amazon. If you can find one though, and don't mind a smaller sized mouse, I say grab a few of them.
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