Just like the person from this thread I have a Soundblaster Z series soundcard set to "Headphones" in the software's control panel. The difference is I'm actually using headphones whereas he was erroneously plugging his 2 channel stereo into the headphone jack, which resulted in no one actually solving the issue he was posting about!

The deal is - EVERY TIME I reboot I have to right click on the windows speaker icon next to the clock, go to playback devices, click on "Speakers" and then click configure. In here it defaults to "5.1 Surround" which causes problems because when someone is behind me in a game, for example, I can barely hear them! Clicking "Stereo", next, next, and then finish solves this. For some reason, however, it doesn't stay there after a reboot. I'd love to not have to configure my audio settings every time I restart!

Any ideas? A registry tweak or .bat file I can put in my startup folder or something?