Hi folks
Forget the expense --it's the lightness and convenience of this I like (andIMO it's better by far than the equivalent Macbook - but that's everyone's choice though).

What I really would like to know (going / considering an i7 model) --is the single USB 3 slot enough via a powered hub to drive 3 / 4 concurrently connected external USB HDD's - those passport types .

I'm currently in the market for a new laptop but I like the form factor and convenience of the surface pro - and I can get ISL keyboard too which is a bit more convienient than using UK one with some isl characters re-mapped.

the show stopper would be if I couldn't connect around 3 external HDD's - using a decent powered hub.

Appreciate any comments from people who have used these things -- also what's the output like on large monitor -- really would like full UHD and possibility to connect to WIRELESS display.

I know there are good laptop deals to be had but with airlines etc getting stingy on baggage and horrendous charges for storing in hold I think the surface pro is the way to go.