Fan control issue

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    Windows 8.1 Update 1

    Fan control issue

    I recently reinstalled windows to windows 10 previously on windows 8.1.

    The problem I'm having is with a program called HWInfo64 which controls my laptop fan so I can get it running as silently as possible without it overheating and powering off. Without the program I find that the fan just spins to quickly thus creating much noise, in a lot of reading in forums it seems it is a common issue with my laptop (hp elitebook 2540p). I'm thinking that a bios update could fix the issue but the problem is because it's an old laptop the latest version was released in 2015 which I have.

    When I wake from the pc going to sleep mode I find that the fan speeds have been reset to default, a quick restart of the software fixes the issue and the fan speeds are back to the way they were however this problem never occurred with my windows 8.1 os setup or windows 7 before that. I have set the program to run as administrator but it has made no difference.
    It seems to me a work around for this issue would be if I can somehow get HWInfo64 to close just before the pc goes into sleep mode then start back up when I wake the pc, is this possible?

    If there is other programs I can try that will do the same job in controlling the fan speed please suggest.

    Thanks for any responses in advance.

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    I updated my old HP G60 214EM -which came with Vista- to Win 8. Normal mode was ok, but the fan screamed in Safe Mode and a thermal cut-out occurred.

    So sorry to say the obvious... if I have this right your PC was shipped with Win 7 as the latest OS - no drivers beyond that.

    HP says for PCs prior to 2013
    HP PCs manufactured before August of 2013 might not have a complete set of hardware and/or drivers required to use all of the features in Windows 10.

    • HP is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for these PC products.
    • If you choose to use Windows 10 some features, applications, and connected devices might not work as expected.
    • If you still wish to proceed with using Windows 10 on an untested system, please visit the Windows support site for information and support.
    • Already running Windows 10 on an untested device? To find available drivers for these products, see Where Do I Find Windows 10 Drivers and Software for My Model?

    Low level drivers may not be compatible with your PC. That could be what you are experiencing.

    To partly answer your question, you can schedule a task on an event id. (Event id 1)
    Look up the event id for resume from sleep, and use that to launch a program.

    E.g. similar to
    Run Program When Windows Resumes from Sleep or Hibernate | SumTips

    (I do something like that to reapply a theme, otherwise I lose the background colour I applied to programs using a minor registry hack on resuming).

    If I can somehow get HWInfo64 to close just before the pc goes into sleep mode
    Suggest a shortcut to a very very simple script e.g. using Autohokey which
    a. closes the program (and waits until closed - easy)
    b. issues a sleep command.
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    I'm going in a different direction here, but I wouldn't try to slow down a laptop fan. They have a much thinner tolerance for heat, as the components are packed in so tightly. You have some flexibility with a tower, and even the ability to replace fans. In a laptop, if the fan is spinning, it usually means it needs to be spinning at that rate. Some Dell laptops have a setting in the BIOS to turn off Turbo Boost, which helps to control some fan noise. I don't know if that's an issue with your laptop, but I wouldn't try anything that involves slowing down the fans.
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    Mostly gamers use Notebook fan control (NFC), that said notebooks usually have propriety drivers for some systems your windows 10 install over wrote all your hardware drivers, you could try reinstalling windows 8.1 drivers that were for your notebook. Sometimes this will work. You do need to be tracking your CPU And GPU temps, they may be demanding the extra cooling to protect themselves you may have something hammering your CPU. I have had this happen to me after a WU for which I had to roll back that WU a week or so later WU came out with a different WU that did not have that issue for me!!
    The other advise I would give since HP is not releasing windows 10 driver for your notebook, I would check there support forum possible there you will find other people that are doing the same thing you are may have already found solutions.
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